Long Time No Write


Yes, yes I know I’ve been gone quite a long time. Been busy with work, the holidays and recovering from the holidays. Seen a lot of movies, rented ones and ones in the theater. There still alot of things I need to get done before work begins on Wednesday.

So my last entry was the beginning of December. Hmmmmm, to bring the mind back to then, less than a month ago. Well, work is going well, still working on getting my teaching certification. I must admit that the impending holiday season got my brain sidetracked. Hopefully, now with a fresh New Year I’ll be back in the running by tomorrow and be done within the next two months. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

Speaking of the holidays, I was torn about putting up a Christmas Tree this year, seeing as I had just moved and didn’t know where in the world I’d put a tree in a smaller apartment than I’ve ever had. I went to a friends house for dinner and she had her tree up and I couldn’t resist. That weekend, thank goodness since the move I knew exactly where all my decorations were, hehe, I put up the tree and stockings over the bookcase for Zoe and me.

I stayed in Texas for Thanksgiving, good thing, I got sick, didn’t even have time to spend interrogating my brother’s new girlfriend. Anywho, since I stayed here I knew I was going to Louisiana for Christmas, that and the holiday is two weeks long for Christmas/New Year’s as opposed to the few days given for Thanksgiving. I’m not used to having the holidays off like in Louisiana. We got all the religious holidays and federal holidays, ah well.

Zoe and I packed up and left for Marksville the Monday before Christmas weekend. I made good time and didn’t have to speed either, good thing. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to visit all my friends in Marksville while I was there, because Mom and I decided to head to New Orleans that Thursday instead of Friday to miss all the traffic heading into the city for Christmas.

We went by my mother’s friends house for Christmas Eve like we’ve done since as long as I can remember. Christmas Day was spent by my sister’s house. They got a new dog since I’ve been gone, a red dachsund named Gidget. For her husband, when they were getting the new puppy, he saw one picture and there was a black and tan puppy and he mentioned that he wanted a boy, since their other dog, Sparky, the boy, had run away.

For his Christmas present this year my sister got him a black and tan puppy. They named him Gustave, aka Gus. So Gus & Gidget. We think Marcy, the older yorky in the house is relieved as to not be Gidget’s wrestling partner anymore, or be annoyed by her. My sister told me that when the two little ones get going Marcy will get between them and act like Momma and growl for them to stop.

I do have to say Gidget is a trip. She is wild. Being a dachsund, she is so long, so when she runs or jumps off the sofas it’s like a torpedo. When se jumps up to lick you in the face by the time you get a hold of her to try and make her stop, she’s so long that she can keep licking your face. She rolls over immediately when you go up to her for you to rub her belly. She does look possessed however because she’s got one blue eye and one brown.

She’s hysterical. She has an excited bladder too, when she gets excited she pees on the floor and then rolls over in her pee so you can rub the belly. What a trip. But once you get over all that, she’s the sweetest dog. I think Zoe got a little jealous of her, hmmmm, may have to go check out her perspective on the matter too.

So a few days after Christmas I drove back up to Marksville for one night. Mom loaded me up with tamales & potato salad, two of her specialties, no to mention the spaghetti and meatballs she made the day I drove up, YUMMY! So I loaded up the car with luggage, a few treats, oh Mom’s candy too, and Christmas presents. I made it back in a bit more time than it took me to get to Louisiana. By the way I love the Texas welcome station across the border, it’s modern and it has a rows of brochures and calendars with everything going on in the state in all it’s regions.

I spent a few days recovering from the long road trip and from being on the run basically the entire time I was in Louisiana. New Year’s Eve My sister-in-law called me to tell me that they were going out for the night and hanging out with some people from work. So I figure what the hell. Otherwise I would have just sat home, had a bubble bath, drank off the one bottle of champagne I bought myself, and watched dvds all night long. I’m gald we went out, I had a good time.

So I bet you all are wondering what my New Year’s Resolutions are aren’tcha? Here I go:

1. Spend more playtime with Zoe, we’ve both put on a little extra weight recently.
2. Keep up with my housework & laundry on a more regular basis, not just when I run out of spoons & clean underwear.
3. Actually use the excercise dvds I have in my collection.
4. Keep my deadlines with my certification modules better so I can get my certification in a reasonable amount of time.
5. Start going out of the apartment more so that I may meet more people, make new friends, etc……
6. Watch less tv and listen more to the cds on my bookshelf that are gathering dust.

I like six, it’s a good round number, but my Aries nature is saying “go for seven, go for seven, go for seven…..” so number seven, here goes:

7. Start going to church more, and studying my faith along with other faiths/belief systems so that I have a better perspective of it all.

Yes I know a very tall order isn’t it. I figure if it’s out here in cyberspace for the entire world to read, then it’s going to be pretty hard for me to crawfish on all the resolutions. I’ll be held more accountable this year.

On that note, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and let me be the first to wish you all, as my dad would say, Happy Easter!


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