Musings on the Search


The search for what you may ask, well, finding one’s soulmate, a companion, husband, fiance, boyfriend, etc. So yes, it’s that time of year when I seem to have my annual break-up, wonder what this one will inspire me to do now. After major break-ups in the past I’ve gone to massage school, bought a house and enrolled in a graduate program šŸ˜‰ Alas, the most recent jackass seemed so sweet, nice, and genuine.

Granted, just go with me okay, we only dated for 2 months, not a long stretch by any means, but a start none the less. Dates that included dinners, movies, a Rennaissance faire, and horror flicks. When I was sick the first week we started seeing each other he would text me and make sure I was doing okay. He was very affectionate and forthcoming with sweet, kind romantic words. How could this guy be a jerk?

We were both busy with our jobs, hello I’m a teacher. He’s in real estate and was always busy the last week & first week of each month of course. He worked long nights and we would see each other on the weekends. He even met my family.

So the last text I received from the guy was “Miss you more :-*” Yes, with a little kissy face! I sent the usual texts over the weekend, nothing more than I’d sent before. When I didn’t hear fro him all weekend I texted him to see if he was alright and he didn’t respond by text, phone, nothing! My girlfriend talked me into checking his profile again on the dating site where we met and low & behold, he’d been on it throughout the weekend and Monday afternoon. Sigh…..

We were by no means in a committed relationship, but dude had been texting me everyday for 2 months and then cuts out cold turkey :-O He should’ve manned up and grew a pair and told me he was dating other women or was no longer interested. The human race has evolved enough, hello all those relationships books, movies, etc, where men know that if they don’t communicate the minimum at least with women we will go nuts. You want to know why women get insecure while dating, it’s because of things like this, seriously!

So I’m back searching for my soulmate…again….sigh, wish me luck :-/


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