Movies I’ve Seen The Past 3+ Months


The Exorcism of Emily Rose
I took my nieces to see this around Halloween time. See Halloween is my favorite holiday, don’t know why, just is. I even section out movies from my DVD collection that are of a horror theme or of the season, course I do this with Christmas, Winter, Spring & Summer movies too, but alas I digress. So my older niece wanted to see this with me, but my younger niece wasn’t too keen on it, but came anyway. I knew it was going to be quite intense, but I ask, how can one enjoy a movie of this nature with hundreds of teenagers laughing at every turn of a demon face or twisted paralyzed body of a possessed young girl. They totally weren’t into the spirit of the film and hence got on my nerves.

This movie combines the horror element with the psychological thriller, and the standard lawyer flick. Not counting the teenage distractions, I enjoyed the movie. It was pretty tame compared to the notorious 70’s film that tackles a similar story. Both are said to based on true events (see below).

We rectified this situation by watching scary movies, The Exorcist, included. I’m proud to say that my older niece said that the orginal with Linda Blair was scarier than Emily Rose. It had been quite a while since I had seen this one and let me tell you it was quite disturbing. The jist of seeing these two films led me to do some online digging and found this intriguing site. This freelance journalist/PI finds out the true story that inspired the book and the movie. I highly recommend checking this out.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
I love Tim Burton. I’ve loved him since Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and who can forget A Nightmare Before Christmas. His whimsical goth fairy tales are inspiring and his characters are incredible. I will forgive the man for his Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, as I’ve said before, Gene Wilder will always be Willy Wonka for me, die-hard Dahl fans be damned. Anywho I took my nieces to see this movie as well. Again Tim Burton teams up with his “muse” Johnny Depp, who voices Viktor. I was having Edward flashbacks as I watched this tortured stop motion character find himself in quite the predicament, though his this time is that he married what else, duh, a corpse. Cute concept, and executed nicely.

In Her Shoes
I read this book a few years ago. Jennifer’s Wiener’s Good in Bed hooked me with the chubby girl novel the first time that I couldn’t resist the follow up, not so much a sequel, but still. Since it had been quite a time since I read the book, I didn’t have the book-to-film radar I would normally employ. I went to see this movie with two friends which was a good move. I firmly believe in female bonding over a woman dominated film. Cameron Diaz was not the cutesy girl from Charlie’s Angels or her most beloved role of Mary. She is a trip and portrays her character with all the ugliness she can muster of a sister who is lost and takes advantage of her family. Toni Collette, I’ve adored her since Muriel’s Wedding. She was great here as the not so skinny sister who gets dumped on, and tries to find love with a messed up head. And what can one say about Shirley MacLaine? A woman who truly follows the beat of her own drum and doesn’t care what other people think. I even loved her in Bewitched.

Walk The Line
K, I was never a Johnny Cash fan. Wasn’t very crazy about his music at all. The Man in Black wasn’t for me. But I love Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Pheonix. I loved this movie. I’ve read the critics’ reviews and they all loved it too. Some are even Cash fans, and they even liked the pipes on Reese & Joaquin singing some pretty sacred country music there. I thought they were actually singing, but wasn’t too sure until the end credits. It had the humble beginnings, the fresh music, the big break, the touring, the women, the addictions, the redemption and of course the beginning of a legend. I would definitely put this movie up there with The Buddy Holly Story, LaBamba and any other musical biographical film. It was awesome. If you’re a country fan, you’ll love it, a music fan, you’ll love it, a movie fan, you’ll love it.

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (IMAX)
I’ve been going to see Harry Potter on the big screen since the first installment four some odd years ago. So it was only natural that I go see the fourth one. Since this particular Potter was opening up in IMAX Theaters as well as your local screens, and my nieces love Harry Potter, I figured I’d be the really cool aunt and I went and bought tickets to the IMAX in San Antonio. Once I told the girls, they squealed with delight, I never thought I’d ear someone squeal with delight, but they did. Okay I read this book too, and since it was the biggest book in the series it was kind of hard not to miss the omissions from it. I did have the book-to-film radar on here and lots was missing. But at least we can all look forward to the DVD extras when it’s released. Now these kids are so intertwined with the parts that it would be very difficult to see anyone else in those roles, so lord help us it stays this way.

This movie could be a post all by itself. There are very few movies, songs, books or the like that move me the way Rent did. I’ve always yearned, yes I said yearned, to see this on Broadway. I’m jealous of my friends who kind of went on a trip to see the touring production of it quite a few times. I had know idea it was based on Puccini’s La Boheme, though I was gettin’ Moulin Rouge deja vu a bit in the theater. I went to a late show and had a row completely to myself. I began to tear up during the opening number, and I knew it was gonna be downhill from there. I loved it, adored it, bought the soundtrack and cried some more. I unlike a lot of film snobs, love musicals, my favorite movie like so many is Grease!

Rent is truly inspirational. Others that have seen the show and the movie have intimated the same notions. The storyline was engaging, not to mention the music, as I’ve already done and will mostly do again. I loved the fact that most of the original Broadway cast returned for the film version. I had no clue that so many of them were the originals. Anthony Rapp: first seen by me anyways, in Adventures in Babysitting & School Ties, Jesse Martin from Ally McBeal & Law & Order, and hello, Taye Diggs, nuff said. I too fell in love with the character Angel, reminiscent of Pedro from Real World 3: San Francisco.

I find that I gravitate toward these bohemian films. They make me want to sell all my crap on eBay and move to New York live the starving artist lifestyle. But my heated apartment in mid-January makes me think twice. For now I’ll settle into appreciating art, artists, their work and try to become apart of their world as much as possible.

I suspect that perhaps in a previous life I was an artist/art lover/dealer of some sort. In college a classmate was talking about this movie she had seen that made her want to change her life, her chosen career path and was completely moved by it. Before she mentioned what the movie was, or was about, type of artistry, I knew which movie: Centerstage. Yes the acting isn’t all that great, but the dancing was incredible. I knew exacty what she meant.

Other films that got my toes a tapping, costume trunk or painting/calligraphy set out of hiding: Impromptu, A Chorus Line, Grease, Billy Elliot, The Little Mermaid, The Last Unicorn, Reality Bites, Some Kind of Wonderful, Pretty in Pink, Shakespeare in Love, Mansfield Park, Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom, Romeo & Juliet, Empire Records, Camp, Only You, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Center Stage, Sister Act: 2, Eddie & The Cruisers, The Commitments, Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I guess I should make note of the mantra from the show “No Day But Today,” eh.

Memoirs of a Geisha
I went to see this during the Christmas break while I was back in New Orleans, more specifically, Metairie. I went with my sister and my niece who fell asleep after ten minutes. Book-to-film radar wasn’t turned on, because I never read the book, my sister has though and after she told me a few discrepancies, that didn’t seem to bother her so much, so I figured it’s not too bad. Though I’ve heard many critics poo it because it’s a Japanese story with all Chinese actors, hmmmmmm. Anywhosit, good movie, I enjoyed more than I was expecting too. The cinamtography was great in the cherry blossom scene, me being a fan of the sweet blossoms. Bottom line, good movie, sweet story, not scandalous as I had assumed earlier, from reading the book’s back cover.

Rumor Has It
Cute concept movie. Back story of the family, just need to watch The Graduate. This movie defines why the world loves Jennifer Aniston. I took her side during the whole Brangelina debacle. Kevin Costner is actually charming in this, but still has that bit a sleaze about him, you the dirty old man vibe, I kept getting it while I watched. Mark Ruffalo was sweet in this, just like he was in 13 Going On 30. Shirley MacLaine shows up again as someone’s grandmother, this time though she was more selfish, but I guess that’s what they were going for here, and she did it extremely well, still love her. Better than I thought it was going to be, which is always a good thing. I would recommend it.

Some movies obviously elicit more a response from my psyche than others. Can’t help it, just happens that way. Whatever you movies you see try to get something positive out of it, if not start a blog and whine like me. Otherwise Enjoy!


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