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Musings on the Search


The search for what you may ask, well, finding one’s soulmate, a companion, husband, fiance, boyfriend, etc. So yes, it’s that time of year when I seem to have my annual break-up, wonder what this one will inspire me to do now. After major break-ups in the past I’ve gone to massage school, bought a house and enrolled in a graduate program 😉 Alas, the most recent jackass seemed so sweet, nice, and genuine.

Granted, just go with me okay, we only dated for 2 months, not a long stretch by any means, but a start none the less. Dates that included dinners, movies, a Rennaissance faire, and horror flicks. When I was sick the first week we started seeing each other he would text me and make sure I was doing okay. He was very affectionate and forthcoming with sweet, kind romantic words. How could this guy be a jerk?

We were both busy with our jobs, hello I’m a teacher. He’s in real estate and was always busy the last week & first week of each month of course. He worked long nights and we would see each other on the weekends. He even met my family.

So the last text I received from the guy was “Miss you more :-*” Yes, with a little kissy face! I sent the usual texts over the weekend, nothing more than I’d sent before. When I didn’t hear fro him all weekend I texted him to see if he was alright and he didn’t respond by text, phone, nothing! My girlfriend talked me into checking his profile again on the dating site where we met and low & behold, he’d been on it throughout the weekend and Monday afternoon. Sigh…..

We were by no means in a committed relationship, but dude had been texting me everyday for 2 months and then cuts out cold turkey :-O He should’ve manned up and grew a pair and told me he was dating other women or was no longer interested. The human race has evolved enough, hello all those relationships books, movies, etc, where men know that if they don’t communicate the minimum at least with women we will go nuts. You want to know why women get insecure while dating, it’s because of things like this, seriously!

So I’m back searching for my soulmate…again….sigh, wish me luck :-/


My Summer 2013 – Hasn’t Really Been a Vacay


My apologies I haven’t done any personal blogging lately, I’ve been getting my teaching blog up & running.

It seems that after each major break-up I decide to make a life change of some sort. The last time this happened I went to massage school & bought a house! This time I finally bit the bullet & began work on my master’s degree. Since I really want to focus on gifted education I found, well actually through an admail from Arkansas State University, found they have a specialization in Gifted & Talented Education.

I filled out the application and then became a sort of nuisance with the admissions office, so they relented and admitted me 😉 My classes started 2 weeks before they school year ended, yeah, you know the busiest time of the year for teachers. Thankfully I was able to Ace that class, yay! I’m on my way to acing this philosophy class, which just so happens to be one of the few classes I aced in my undergrad. Needlesstosay I’m enjoying my classes, even the self-induced stressing, keeps me on my toes.

I mentioned my teaching blog: Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms. Hmmmm, 2 classrooms you ask? Well this past January I went to a conference with my awesome co-worker Amanda B. She’s all tech savvy too, meaning we can both figure our way around the interweb world 😉 She had mentioned that she had opened a blog account but never actually got around to making it public, so a little birdie got in my head as I was perusing other blogs of how a couple teachers collaborated on blogs in the same grade or not, but there was more than 1 teacher posting. She jumped at the chance, yay! Now it’s our blog 🙂 She’s getting ready to upload her first posting this upcoming week, so keep an eye out.

My brother got married earlier this month and the family migrated back to NOLA for the festivities. After that I headed up to Marksville to help Brenda, my big sis, with the tribe’s language camp. It was fun and we definitely learned a lot about what we want to do next year & what we don’t, lol.

I got back to Killeen this past week & have just been recovering from a summer cold, ugh! I had a great workshop on Monday for interactive math notebooks. We actually just cut & pasted all day long, made a reference notebook to be used throughout the year 🙂 it was great!

I’ve been wanting to get into my classroom, but the cleaners haven’t finished cleaning our school building so the principal told us to stay away, grrrrrr! I know right, what teacher wants to spend their last few free days of summer working in their classroom, well a lot of teachers I know. Teachers who go back the same time I do & even later are already in their classrooms unpacking, organizing & decorating, I’m soooooooo jealous!

Well, I’m off to work on my class assignments & get a head start on the final ones due at the end of this coming week. Yay for Philosophy of Education! Not!

Where's the Rest of it?


Six years ago I went back for my 10 year High School Reunion. It was very much smaller than I expected. My house I grew up in got smaller as I would go back during college. But this was a shock.

It was the 2nd event of our reunion a crawfish boil in the cafeteria, which also shrunk in size. I was always amazed and daunted when walking those halls those 20 some odd years ago. How big it seemed with it's 3 storeys of classrooms & labs, auditorium, gymnasium, atriums, balconeys.

There we were about maybe 3/4 of our class came back for the weekend's festivities. We filed into the cafeteria & filled our plates. After some good eating & catching up my best friend Shannon & I decided to take the "Reunion Tour" through our old little hangouts through the school.

It was then I realized how much smaller everything seemed. The lockers weren't as high, but I was about the same height as I was in HS. The bathrooms were smaller too, that was crazy. The hallways & stairways seemingly closed in on us.

What's worse is that recently, my alma mater, Benjamin Franklin wasn't listed in the US News & World Report List of the top schools in the US. Previously we weren't even on the main list but listed as an asterik on another side list for consistently producing high achieving national merit scholars, etc. It always showed up every year so USNWR had to create another list for it & schools that are similar.

Not only has the building shrunk but so has our status as an elite high school coming from the depths of what many outsiders call hell, New Orleans, but most who still love it call home.

It's true you can never really go home again………

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On the Radio


Ah, radio, the good ole days, sigh….

old radio

I'm waxing nostalgic about radio. I remember many nights patiently waiting for my favorite songs to come on so I could record them on my tape recorder which was poised ever so steadily next to the speaker of the small radio mind you.

In college I had my own car that I listened to the radio incessantly. I listened so much that one day I was driving to class & Faith Hill's Breathe came on the popular country station, by that time it had played itself out, too much for me. I changed the station, adult contemporary format, & low & behold it was playing on the next station too. I changed the station close to 5 more times, 5 different radio stations, in Baton Rouge there were 3 major country stations, 3 Top 40 stations plus that adult contemporary one. Each & every one was playing that dang song!

I was so glad when I got my next car that had a CD player in it finally that I could listen to what I wanted. Before I was the mercy of tapes that were obviously on the way out.

My next car had satellite radio for a year. I lurved my Sirius radio, no commercials. When I let the subscription lapse & had to go back to regular radio I couldn't believe how much commercials had become a part of programming, it had truly gotten worse than before.

Therefore I long for the days when I propped my tape recorder up against my stereo speakers to record the brand new NKOTB single, lol. It was the right stuff!

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The House I Grew Up In


It's hard to choose just one memory. I had so many growing up in the house on Dupre St. It was your typical New Orleans Shotgun house. When my grandparents bought the house they made certain renovations to make it inhabitable since my parents & siblings were going to be living with them.

They blocked off their front room & cut a doorway through the wall giving my parents another bedroom so that my sister didn't have to share her room with the boys. They also installed closets. You may think, what a house without closets, well back in the day taxes were charged based on how many rooms a house had & closets were considered rooms. Later on they also added onto the back of the house & gave each side an extended kitchen/dining room & shed.

Since it's the end of Mardi Gras time it's brought back a lot of memories from the times we had open house. Mom would cook, usually it was hot tamales, so yummy!!!

Also, every Saturday night my parents had friends come over & they'd play cards til 12-1 at night. They'd let us hang around for a little bit, but then they'd run us out & we'd have to either retire to our rooms or watch tv in the living room.

Those nights when I'd have sleepovers & the next morning my friends & I would play in the backyard.

When I went home for a family function a couple years ago we drove past & that's when I took this picture. It was right around the time Miranda Lambert's song "The House That Built Me" had just come out. I was jonesing to see the house again. We didn't get to go in, but it was enough.

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I’m Home!


There’s something to be said for being home. Don’t get me wrong I like living in Texas, but coming home & getting the family boost that only a mom, a sister & brothers can provide. I’m looking forward to spending the day with my brother & his girlfriend up in Natchitoches for the Louisiana Folklife Festival at NSU. I’m also looking forward to seeing a few of the historic places where the original Steel Magnolias was filmed. More family arrives in Marksville tonight, they’ll be coming to the Vince Gill concert tomorrow night too, yay! I’ll post pictures through my tumblr & twitter accounts, so be sure to check the links or follow me over there on the right 🙂

Sniff, Sniff…..Sumthin’ Smells Good


I was reading over at another blog about this one woman’s perfume ventures at Sephora. So of course I had to add my 2 cents in a comment about my own personal journey to finding “My Scent.” Here’s what I wrote:

I was always told if you can smell your perfume on you, then it’s too much. But if you can’t smell it & others can smell you, it’s the right amount. (In reference to her saying she loses her scent during the day)

I used to wear Estee Lauder Pleasures all the time, but then moved onto Clinique’s Happy, which people loved on me. I got a wild hair one night while watching QVC & decided to bite the bullet & buy a small sample of philosophy’s Amazing Grace.

Well it arrived, I began using it, but felt it was crazy strong the first time out, so I went back to being “Happy.” Since I’m a QVC fiend I kept seeing Amazing Grace.

I felt like I hadn’t really given the scent a chance. I started using it again. Lo & behold….I haven’t stopped. I get soooooo many compliments from coworkers & my students, it’s crazy. I walk by & people say “Gosh you smell good!!” Not exaggerating 🙂

I’ll venture out every now & again when they release a new scent especially in the Grace line, but I buy the big bottle when I’m at Ulta so I’ll always have it on me, literally & figuratively 🙂

What are your scent journeys? Please share 🙂

The Holidays


This holiday season has been quite interesting. At Thanksgiving my father went into surgery, so he was unable to spend the week with the family. If you know my dad, Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. We even had a 30th Anniversary Party for my sister & her husband. Since then my dad has undergone 2 more surgeries, one being a preventive measure to heart attacks or strokes. I’m going to Louisiana later this week to pick up my mom & take her into New Orleans to be with my dad as he recovers at my sister’s house after he gets out of the hospital.

As each year passes at this time I find myself wondering if I’m going to be that strange aunt who winds up single her whole life. I met a man online & have been on 2 dates with him so far. I’m still unsure about how this is going to play out. Of course I’d like to think it’ll be all fine and dandy, but I’m not so optimistic at this point. We’re going on our 3rd date tomorrow, so we’ll see if 3rd time’s a charm or not.

I went to a friend’s Christmas party last night & it was pretty much couples, who were all very nice. My friend & her husband are great people & she makes the choice only to surround herself with good people, why she chose to keep me around I’ll never know. I know I’m glad she did, we had some hiccups that first year we became friends, but she forgave my missteps and now she’s a wonderful inspiration to me in the kind of person I aspire to be.

Anywho seeing all those happy couples, married, dating & what not only gave me pause to reflect on how nice it would’ve been to have a date. I enjoy my girlfriends, but to have that companion, best friend, all things we’re taught in movies & on TV that a person of the opposite sex can offer, is as they say priceless. So thanks to my fantasies no one up to this point has lived up to what most of us impressionable girls expect in relationships.

Okay so I know this is now become a downer of a post. I’m sure there’s many out there who feel the same way I do & probably say it way better than I do. However this is my little slice of self deprecation this holiday season. Hopefully the next post will be more upbeat.