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My Summer 2013 – Hasn’t Really Been a Vacay


My apologies I haven’t done any personal blogging lately, I’ve been getting my teaching blog up & running.

It seems that after each major break-up I decide to make a life change of some sort. The last time this happened I went to massage school & bought a house! This time I finally bit the bullet & began work on my master’s degree. Since I really want to focus on gifted education I found, well actually through an admail from Arkansas State University, found they have a specialization in Gifted & Talented Education.

I filled out the application and then became a sort of nuisance with the admissions office, so they relented and admitted me 😉 My classes started 2 weeks before they school year ended, yeah, you know the busiest time of the year for teachers. Thankfully I was able to Ace that class, yay! I’m on my way to acing this philosophy class, which just so happens to be one of the few classes I aced in my undergrad. Needlesstosay I’m enjoying my classes, even the self-induced stressing, keeps me on my toes.

I mentioned my teaching blog: Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms. Hmmmm, 2 classrooms you ask? Well this past January I went to a conference with my awesome co-worker Amanda B. She’s all tech savvy too, meaning we can both figure our way around the interweb world 😉 She had mentioned that she had opened a blog account but never actually got around to making it public, so a little birdie got in my head as I was perusing other blogs of how a couple teachers collaborated on blogs in the same grade or not, but there was more than 1 teacher posting. She jumped at the chance, yay! Now it’s our blog 🙂 She’s getting ready to upload her first posting this upcoming week, so keep an eye out.

My brother got married earlier this month and the family migrated back to NOLA for the festivities. After that I headed up to Marksville to help Brenda, my big sis, with the tribe’s language camp. It was fun and we definitely learned a lot about what we want to do next year & what we don’t, lol.

I got back to Killeen this past week & have just been recovering from a summer cold, ugh! I had a great workshop on Monday for interactive math notebooks. We actually just cut & pasted all day long, made a reference notebook to be used throughout the year 🙂 it was great!

I’ve been wanting to get into my classroom, but the cleaners haven’t finished cleaning our school building so the principal told us to stay away, grrrrrr! I know right, what teacher wants to spend their last few free days of summer working in their classroom, well a lot of teachers I know. Teachers who go back the same time I do & even later are already in their classrooms unpacking, organizing & decorating, I’m soooooooo jealous!

Well, I’m off to work on my class assignments & get a head start on the final ones due at the end of this coming week. Yay for Philosophy of Education! Not!