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It seems January is the time to make me & my colleagues squirm in our seats.

Last year during an in service day an assistant principal read this book about these elephants in a Tokyo zoo: Faithful Elephants. During World War II the government was afraid that if their city was bombed the animals would escape from the zoo & reek havoc around town. They ordered the caretakers at the zoo to euthanize most of the animals they deemed dangerous. The caretakers tried to inject the elephants, but the needles kept breaking.

They decided to starve them, well it goes on to say the elephants began doing tricks for their treats, because when they performed they usually got treats. I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!! I was already going thru DTs & tearing up by the time she read the part about them having to euthanize, sigh…….. My father had just passed away two weeks prior. This was not a good time for this story. I gotta tell ya I don’t even remember what the workshop was about that day only the devastating story she read, ugh!!!

Then the very next session my curriculum person read a story about a puppy who felt ugly, he was a pug, and other dogs made fun of his pushed in nose. I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!! Yeah, then the principal read a bloody western scene in one of his favorite books, sigh……

It was not a good day that day.

Today, I was sitting in a professional development session with a very engaging presenter & she told us this story about learned helplessness. This scientist did an experiment where they brought 2 groups of dogs in. One group they shocked over & over again until they did a little trick that made the shocking stop, yeah, again, not a pleasant story. My muscles, before she even continued the story, clenched/tensed up & I couldn’t type anymore.

As we headed out this afternoon, I vowed to not do any work related stuff this evening, but to snuggle with my pups. If I do any work stuff it’ll only be on pinterest 🙂


Easy Beginnings


Some thing new has been happening the last 2 months. Something’s made me very happy, not sure I want to share all that much, but every time I think about it, I get all girly happy again. I cling to this idea, those thoughts & sweet memories when work gets a little crazy. I just close my door to my classroom when I have a free 5-10 minutes & reminisce about that something.

Work has been quite crazy this last month; with meetings, conferences, data, report cards, comments, etc stress seeps in where it can. Hence those stolen moments alone in a quiet class when the kids are at lunch or in Specials.

I love my job. I love my students this year. True, I missed my kiddos from last year, but I am growing more & more fond of my kids and their quirks. One of my current students moved this week, it was also her birthday, I miss her already & her sweet nature with her classmates, she was a doll.

One of my former students moved also, about 2 weeks ago 😦 His mom worked at our campus for the past 2-3 yrs. She’s one of those great parents, that just get it, because she was around the teachers & kids all day long. Their last few days at school were tough. The second to last day I saw my former student out at parent pick-up, which reminded me it was getting closer. I started to tear up but was able to hold it back.

The next day however, different story. They weren’t out at parent pick-up, she was finalizing last minute things in the front office. The minute my student (they’ll always be mine) hugged me goodbye I lost it. Lost it even more when she hugged me & said “Thank you for teaching my kid.” (So crying right now too) It’s those kids & moments like this that make the crazy day-in & day-out random BS endurable.

Those kiddos are having to start over at new schools, make new friends, learning the ropes in their new towns. I’m blessed to have been a part of their young lives & will use what I learned while they were mine with all my kids, because every day is a new beginning, easy or not 🙂

Til next time.

And So It Begins….


Another school year is approaching us yet again. With the popularity & resourcefulness of Pinterest subscribers I’ve been inundated with tons of ideas for my classroom this year. I can’t wait to see their faces when they come into our “Super” classroom on Meet the Teacher night & the First Day, yay!!

I’ve also got a few other responsibilities on my plate this year:

I was asked to participate in a Balanced Literacy Cadre for our campus for my grade level. I learned so much in the training with Mrs. Melissa Leach. She’s on facebook, pinterest & Blogger. Earlier in the summer me a few other teachers from my campus took her Writer’s Workshop class & it was awesome. So I’m excited to get into the nitty gritty of this balanced literacy practice.

I was also asked to mentor a new staff member. Granted she teaches music, but I love music so I see this as a good thing for me to learn something new as well as helping her have a great year!! I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also excited about some of our new admin team & the new direction they are taking our campus. It’s going to be an exciting year.

In honor of all these creative & professional juices flowing I decided to create a blog just for that. Go check it out here: Tales From A 2nd Grade Classroom. I’m going to post school related items there, unless it’s just too awesome then I’ll bring it over.

I’m also going to begin getting back into my Medifast routine. Starting during the summer when I had ALL DAY to think about what I couldn’t eat was awful. I cheated, a lot. So I’ve got renewed sense of getting this done & hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it this time around, whew!

Lotsa new beginnings this year, as it seems every year. Learning new things, adapting to new routines, admin, diet, new kids, etc. Can’t Wait!

Summer Reflection 2011


Whew! That went by quick. I was anticipating summer like most of those in my profession, education. But unlike others who take nice long vacations or educational type journeys, I spent my lazy days of summer doing just that, being lazy. I did spend most of June in various workshops offered by my district, that’s just because I’m a nerd & I admit it.

I do look forward to seeing my family during the summer when I can stay longer than an extended weekend like during the school year. For 10 days I went home, well my last home before I moved to Texas anyways, I’ve had 4 homes so to speak. My poor mother was suffering with incredible back pain and I tried to help her pack a few things up since they are moving into a house my sister & bro-in-law are building.

I particularly enjoyed my time with my sister, niece & family friends. Not that I didn’t enjoy my mom, but packing isn’t one of my favorite past-times. My sister is starting a non-profit group to go after grants for educational & cultural programs for native american tribes. We spent a lot of time working together & getting some things started.

After I came home I started poking around & getting ready for the upcoming year. Needlesstosay I spent most of my summer “working.” I searched off and on everyday to find those little tricks and odds & ends that will make this year easier than last year. I put things away in the mental file to be accessed later as well as the paper files, lots of professional development files 🙂

School has now started. I have a great group of kids. I work with a wonderful group of teachers. So far this year is looking like it’s going to be pretty good, in comparison to some of the former years. Now being more familiar with what I’m supposed to be doing, I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

Here’s to a great year to come!

The End Is Near


Wow! When I was in school I always looked forward to the summers. However, as a teacher, I think I want summer more than the kids do. It’s amazing to me how much this year has taken out of me.

I went from anxious, nervous, anticipatory energy at the beginning of the year. Next I fell into a deep fear of losing everything. I became a shell of my former self. I found myself just waking up at the last possible minute, putting on my clothes, not even putting on make-up most days. Then came relief in spring. A weight was lifted off my shoulders.

These last couple months, yes I’ve had some of the same problems I had in the beginning, but a much better support system anchor in place. I’ve been able to make it thru to this last week of school. Yes, I’ve had some kiddos that still get to me from time to time, or is is every minute, lol, but I’m able to deal with them much better.

I’ve already put this year behind me so to speak, mentally that is, not technically, because I can’t yet. I’m looking forward to next year and being a better teacher than I was this year, putting into place all those things I learned first thing, instead of waiting til mid year/end of the year.