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Summer Obsessions


When I’m on break lately I’ve been watching tv shows I’ve heard about, but wasn’t able to watch because my dvr was otherwise occupied with at least 2 of my current obsessions on any given night. I’ve also had 2 particular movies on rotation right now as well šŸ™‚

What have I been watching you ask that has me so obsessed:

1. Switched at Birth – If you’re a facebook friend you already know the reason I began watching this show, Blair Redford‘s character Ty. What a cutie! But then of course as many fans know he went away for a season and during that time I feel in lurve with Sean Berdy‘s character Emmett. Besides the adorable crushworthy cast, the storyline is a familiar one. Based on true events & an already made for tv movie ages ago, it’s about 2 girls who were born on the same day & switched at the hospital. After the discovery both girls deal with identity, relationships & how to cope with 2 sets of parents with different ideas of childrearing. Oh & did I add hunky Gilles Marini stars as one of the dads, sigh…..enough for continued viewing alone. Check out the link above to read more about Bey & Daphne & their “adventures” if you can call them that.

2. Dance Academy – As many who know me well know that I lurve my Australian tv show McLeod’s Daughters. As the years have gone on a lot of the actors have shown up either in bit parts in many movies & other tv shows here in the states. So a combination of Australia & another one of my longtime loves the movie Centerstage, enter teen drama Dance Academy. I’ve watched seasons 1 & 2 on netflix. Now I’m patiently waiting for the final season, 3, to make it to the US. I’ve only been able to preview 1 one of the teasers, the others are unfortunately now viewable outside of Australia šŸ˜¦ Fortunately though many faces from Dance Academy will be making their debut in the new NBC summer series Camp.

3. Dark ShadowsJohnny Depp, Tim Burton & high camp dramedy soap opera remake, yes please! Anything Depp & Burton do in collaboration is an automatic yes in my book. As HBO replays Dark Shadows this past month, I’ve signed on for each viewing in addition to my own personal dvd copy. Don’t judge me.

4. Pitch Perfect – I saw this movie when it came out, because I’m such a fan of Anna Kendrick ever since I saw her in the indie film, Camp. I’m also a lover of all things Rebel Wilson, what a riot, love her as Fat Amy. When I first saw the movie I recognized one of the film’s locations as being the Greek Amphitheater on LSU’s campus. I thought “Nah,” couldn’t be, well then during the riff off in the Huey P. Long Fieldhouse & then the shot of the Music Building it was “OMG! That’s LSU!!!!!” So that movie has an even bigger place in my heart, Geaux Tigers!


My Most Quotable Movies


Whenever I’m saying bye to one of my best grilfriends, we always tell each other “Checkya latuurr!” from Dazed & Confused.

Being a child of the 80’s anything uttered by anyone in the Breakfast Club or Duckie in Pretty in Pink, “Do I offend?”

My students also get a kick outta me telling them “Hellurr” from anything with Madea.

Since I fashion myself as a studious offspring from Louisiana anything from Steel Magnolias “Smile it increases your face value!” or “Is that grape or aubergine?” And my all time favorite, “Thanks Ouiser, nothing like a good piece ‘o’ a**.”

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Dancing With Karate Kid


The season of DWTS I have been waiting for. I never anticipate DWTS, I love cuz it’s another dance show. But yes, ladies & gents, I’m in full crush mode with Ralph Macchio. True, I’m not a huge fan of his dance partner, but OMG, he was awesome. Just had to get that out my system. Now for full episode recap.

1 – Chelsea Kane, never heard of this chick before. I adore Mark Ballas so I anticipated cuteness & sweetness aplenty. Yea, I wasn’t disappointed. Thoroughly charmed with her routine. She’ll go far for sure.

2 – Wendy Williams is going home soon, maybe not before Mike & Lacey though. I was expecting Neicy Nash-esque here, but she didn’t deliver. She’ll get the sympathy vote for a couple weeks maybe.

3 – Hines Ward is frickin’ adorable!!! Like most other athletes on the show that I’ve seen, he oozes charm & there’s gotta be someĀ Asian/PolynesianĀ there which only makes me like him more. He’s gonna last probably to the finale.

4 – Petra & Dimitri, love him have yet to make any connections to her. Beautiful & graceful for sure, will last cuz of the tsunami link here, sad, but true. Hopefully she’ll pull through & have all that translate in her routines.

5 – Romeo & Chelsea H. thank goodness he’s better than his dad. He’s a cutie so he’ll make for another few weeks too, especially going the rate he’s going now. Romeo kind of reminds me of that young thing like when Nick Carter was on.

6 – Sugar Ray & Anna, loved their song, Huey Lewis, can’t go wrong there. Because he’s a legend he may last a few weeks, but still can’t tell.

7 – Kendra & Louie. Louie I wouldn’t count on that mirror ball trophy this year if I were you. Reality tv gluttons may vote for her, but I don’t see her lasting too long.

8 -Ralph M. & Karina. Yay! My sister texted me when the cast list came out & told me about Ralph Macchio. I was hoping he’d get a partner I liked, I’m just not a fan of Karina, don’t know why, but I guess I have to deal with it. He was adorable during their package, made him endearing, which if you’ve lived under a rock the past 30 years, who wouldn’t know this. Then his routine was amazing, yeah, he’s gonna last ’til the end.

9 – Chris & Cheryl. He’s got Ralph’s ideal partner, but oh well. Um, not sure how I feel yet about this one. Pretty decent, he’ll last longer than Mike for sure.

10 – Mike & Lacey. Poor Lacey, not gonna go to the finals with this guy. Funny sure,Ā reminiscentĀ of course of Jeffrey Ross, Steve-O & need I say it, I will anyway, Adam Corolla, duh!! What I wanna see is Drew Pinsky on DWTS, that would be so worth it, lol. Love me some Drew!

11 – Kirstie all those years hanging with the Travoltas paid off. That John influence has worked it’s magic. I was thrown back to her dancing days in Look Who’s Talking 3 I believe & her dancing with John in that Christmas dream. She was awesome! She’s gonna be around for a long while if she keeps this up.

Did ya’ll catch friend Kelly Travolta in the audience? Also in support of Ms. Alley Jonathan Knight of NKOTB. Don’t believe me, check his twitter feed. I am in pop culture heaven right now, lol. Can’t wait ’til next week’s show!!