It’s Been Nothing But Work!


I’ve done nothing but work the past week. I did take some respite early in the weekend and played pool with a friend. It’s been forever since I played. Like Delta Lion’s Club home playing with some of the LEOs in the upstairs room. Yeah, those of you who know me & read this will know how long ago that is.

I’ve also been challenged that I’m not sharing too much information about myself, hmmm. Makes me wonder when one is getting to know someone else, does anyone else tend to just sit back & take all they can in about the other person, therefore not sharing all that much about their own lives? How do you share your life story without making it boring & droll & interesting enough so the person doesn’t think you’re a total bore?

This has now become work too, how to be the best person you can for yourself & the person you’re getting to know. Can’t just rest on your laurels so to speak, you have to make your laurels work for you. Off now to work, which kind of work I’ll leave it to your imaginations.


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