Where's the Rest of it?


Six years ago I went back for my 10 year High School Reunion. It was very much smaller than I expected. My house I grew up in got smaller as I would go back during college. But this was a shock.

It was the 2nd event of our reunion a crawfish boil in the cafeteria, which also shrunk in size. I was always amazed and daunted when walking those halls those 20 some odd years ago. How big it seemed with it's 3 storeys of classrooms & labs, auditorium, gymnasium, atriums, balconeys.

There we were about maybe 3/4 of our class came back for the weekend's festivities. We filed into the cafeteria & filled our plates. After some good eating & catching up my best friend Shannon & I decided to take the "Reunion Tour" through our old little hangouts through the school.

It was then I realized how much smaller everything seemed. The lockers weren't as high, but I was about the same height as I was in HS. The bathrooms were smaller too, that was crazy. The hallways & stairways seemingly closed in on us.

What's worse is that recently, my alma mater, Benjamin Franklin wasn't listed in the US News & World Report List of the top schools in the US. Previously we weren't even on the main list but listed as an asterik on another side list for consistently producing high achieving national merit scholars, etc. It always showed up every year so USNWR had to create another list for it & schools that are similar.

Not only has the building shrunk but so has our status as an elite high school coming from the depths of what many outsiders call hell, New Orleans, but most who still love it call home.

It's true you can never really go home again………

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