The House I Grew Up In


It's hard to choose just one memory. I had so many growing up in the house on Dupre St. It was your typical New Orleans Shotgun house. When my grandparents bought the house they made certain renovations to make it inhabitable since my parents & siblings were going to be living with them.

They blocked off their front room & cut a doorway through the wall giving my parents another bedroom so that my sister didn't have to share her room with the boys. They also installed closets. You may think, what a house without closets, well back in the day taxes were charged based on how many rooms a house had & closets were considered rooms. Later on they also added onto the back of the house & gave each side an extended kitchen/dining room & shed.

Since it's the end of Mardi Gras time it's brought back a lot of memories from the times we had open house. Mom would cook, usually it was hot tamales, so yummy!!!

Also, every Saturday night my parents had friends come over & they'd play cards til 12-1 at night. They'd let us hang around for a little bit, but then they'd run us out & we'd have to either retire to our rooms or watch tv in the living room.

Those nights when I'd have sleepovers & the next morning my friends & I would play in the backyard.

When I went home for a family function a couple years ago we drove past & that's when I took this picture. It was right around the time Miranda Lambert's song "The House That Built Me" had just come out. I was jonesing to see the house again. We didn't get to go in, but it was enough.

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