On the Radio


Ah, radio, the good ole days, sigh….

old radio

I'm waxing nostalgic about radio. I remember many nights patiently waiting for my favorite songs to come on so I could record them on my tape recorder which was poised ever so steadily next to the speaker of the small radio mind you.

In college I had my own car that I listened to the radio incessantly. I listened so much that one day I was driving to class & Faith Hill's Breathe came on the popular country station, by that time it had played itself out, too much for me. I changed the station, adult contemporary format, & low & behold it was playing on the next station too. I changed the station close to 5 more times, 5 different radio stations, in Baton Rouge there were 3 major country stations, 3 Top 40 stations plus that adult contemporary one. Each & every one was playing that dang song!

I was so glad when I got my next car that had a CD player in it finally that I could listen to what I wanted. Before I was the mercy of tapes that were obviously on the way out.

My next car had satellite radio for a year. I lurved my Sirius radio, no commercials. When I let the subscription lapse & had to go back to regular radio I couldn't believe how much commercials had become a part of programming, it had truly gotten worse than before.

Therefore I long for the days when I propped my tape recorder up against my stereo speakers to record the brand new NKOTB single, lol. It was the right stuff!

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