Take Shape For Life: My Week 1


Friday, June 15, Day 1: SUCKED!!!! I was so excited to get started I think my adrenaline was pumping that morning. I posted my before picks onto facebook, because I feel like if I went ahead & did that in the beginning, I couldn’t back out & say I’m done when I hit a road bump, which I’m sure could/might happen, which I’m going to try my darndest to not let happen.

Mike & I also purged the fridge & the pantry of all things non-Darnee friendly. Hardest thing ever, but it’s helping, cuz I know I would’ve been in that cabinet on a rough day seeking out relief, sigh….

I also drank like 10 cups of water & have never gone to the restroom so much in my life, lol. By the evening when I went to Painting With A Twist I was starving & was staving off a headache. By the time the night was over I was okay & just wanted to sleep. I took 2 Advil & 2 Excedrin, yes you can do this, it’s 2 different meds, & passed out.

Saturday, June 16, Day 2: Not as bad as Friday, but then again for the hunger pangs I just took cat naps before they started. I also took a preventative Excedrin to last me through the day, which I think helped. Nothing too exciting happened on Saturday.

Sunday, June 17, Day 3: I needed to get out of the house, I woke up had my breakfast, the one day I wasn’t thrilled with the food, the eggs, I added a little seasoning to see if that would help, but it really didn’t, so I just kept trucking along. I made a shake to-go & dropped a meal bar in my purse, so I was set. I went to see Rock of Ages, which I’ve already waxed nostalgic on in Wednesday’s post. But today was not hard, cuz the line was long at the concession stand when I was going to get a bottle of water, so I just said, I can wait, cuz I already drank like 2/3 of my water by that point, lol. What was hard was Sunday night. I go over to my girlfriend’s houses & we watch True Blood on HBO. My friend Karin last night made our favorite, Chicken Broccoli Chees Casserole, so good & yummy duhlicious! Couldn’t have any. I made sure to eat my dinner before going over to the house, so I wouldn’t be tempted by whatever they had. I also brought my dessert just in case they brought out the sweets, I’d have mine ready 🙂

Monday, June 18, Day 4: Checked in with my health coach. Felt a little blah this day. I almost wanted to cry, but don’t know why, think it’s the caffiene/carb withdrawl, UGH!!! I figured out one trick to get my caffeine though. One of the recipes at a trusty Medifast website suggested making a “Float” out of one of the shakes by adding Diet coke instead of just plain old water. Well I tried it with the pudding pack they also suggested; I find Diet Coke already too sweet for my tastes, so adding it to another sugar substituted product made it extremely sweet. I had to add the rest of the coke to make the pudding part bearable, whew! But at least I got some caffeine, THANK GAWD!

Tuesday, June 19, Day 5: Still a little eh, but plugging along.

Wednesday, June 20, Day 6: I scheduled a massage for today. It was wonderful. I love to get pampered. The place up the road from my school, Encore Day Spa, has a great therapist, she’s a sweetheart & does a great job! Highly recommend it 🙂

Thursday, June 21, Day 7: I woke up nauseous. Funny considering the past three nights I didn’t feel hungry at all. I tried drinking water, that didn’t help, I tried a shake to see if that would settle my tummy, not a chance. Then I did something I’m not proud of but I’m not sorry for either I cheated, I went to Sonic & got a strawberry slush. Thankfully this slush had some sprite in it cuz my tummy settled within the next 10 minutes. I also was craving sushi, so I went & got a California roll. All not on plan 😦 Oh well. Like I said I’m not sorry. I’m not going to deprive myself. I’m going to stick to the plan as best I can & if I happen to slip, knowing me & my willpower, I’m just going to keep pushing through.

Weight loss: 243.6lbs down to 239.0lbs (4.6lbs)


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  1. Look at each day as starting over and dont beat yourself up for a little slip. You cant change your eating habits over night. I think when you get back to school and are busy all the time, it will be a lot easier. Very proud of you. If you can lose 4 lbs a week, that would be great.

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