Sniff, Sniff…..Sumthin’ Smells Good


I was reading over at another blog about this one woman’s perfume ventures at Sephora. So of course I had to add my 2 cents in a comment about my own personal journey to finding “My Scent.” Here’s what I wrote:

I was always told if you can smell your perfume on you, then it’s too much. But if you can’t smell it & others can smell you, it’s the right amount. (In reference to her saying she loses her scent during the day)

I used to wear Estee Lauder Pleasures all the time, but then moved onto Clinique’s Happy, which people loved on me. I got a wild hair one night while watching QVC & decided to bite the bullet & buy a small sample of philosophy’s Amazing Grace.

Well it arrived, I began using it, but felt it was crazy strong the first time out, so I went back to being “Happy.” Since I’m a QVC fiend I kept seeing Amazing Grace.

I felt like I hadn’t really given the scent a chance. I started using it again. Lo & behold….I haven’t stopped. I get soooooo many compliments from coworkers & my students, it’s crazy. I walk by & people say “Gosh you smell good!!” Not exaggerating 🙂

I’ll venture out every now & again when they release a new scent especially in the Grace line, but I buy the big bottle when I’m at Ulta so I’ll always have it on me, literally & figuratively 🙂

What are your scent journeys? Please share 🙂


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