New Chapters of Life’s Journey


As I was evaluating my blog recently, I realized the appearance was a little “Debbie Downer” & of late I’ve had too much of that around me. So I decided to make a change hence the bright & colorful new theme you see here.

It’s pretty fitting too since not only am I updating my online presence I am also changing my physical presentation. I need the outward to resemble the inside a bit better. After witnessing 2 ladies at work lose a significant amount of weight on the Medifast weight loss plan through their Take Shape For Life program I finally made the jump.

Nicole, who also happened to be one of my students’ mom & a coworker, is my health coach, ie diet pest šŸ˜‰ She came over today to help me place my first order & talk about the program with me. Seeing as I started blogging to share my few & far between adventures I’m going to obviously share this adventure, I will include photos to prove the journey.

Once I get my package next week let the fun begin!


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