My Most Memorable Birthday


It’s only because I was not at home & doing the usual thing. It was Spring Break, my sophomore year in college. Some friends of mine and I drove up to Breckenridge, CO to ski, well they skied, I shopped & drank hot chocolate. My friend Jen’s parents had a house there where they graciously let us all crash for about a week. On my actual birthday Jen’s mom Sue took me for coffee & pastry at a local cafe, and then my friends made me birthday cake that night, which I believe was hidden in the microwave at one point. I seem to recall an argument over what we were going to watch that night, the girls wanted Grease 2 & all it’s glorious cheesiness, the boys not so much.

Since my birthday usually fell on Spring Break, I spent many birthdays by myself or just with family. Now that I live, well sort of alone, my birthdays have gone back to being mostly just me. Gotta work on improving that in the future.

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