Gettin’ Ready for The New School Year


Yes, I had the summer “off,” but technically I haven’t stopped working. I’m addicted to workshops, people tell me I shouldn’t go to sooo many. I think that since I didn’t get my degree in education, any opportunity I can take to help me be a better teacher I’m gonna take it.

Unfortunately I’m regretting one of my workshops right now, lol. The one on managing math stations. Well I thought she was going to give ideas & class mgt tips on math stations, but it turned out she was just showing us how to set up our rooms to be able to have stations. In the workshop she recommends doing a little task called SPACE: Sort, Purge, Assign a home, Containerize & I can’t remember the “E.”

I went to classroom finally, I’ve been wanting to get in there for some time now, but they were doing construction & the summer cleaning crews were cleaning all the rooms, so it wouldn’t have made sense to go in before the room had been cleaned. Anyway I go in & the task at hand is overwhelming, sigh… I went in almost everyday, wound up talking to other teachers, helping the new teacher on our grade level. I got some stuff done, but not a whole lot, bummer.

I dread going up this next week, but I need to do it, it has to be done! I vow to get my room ready before we go back on the 13th. Promise 😉


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