Cough! Cough!


Good gawd in heaven! I think I’m going to survive 🙂

Last week was the very last week of school. Throughout the week I tried to get the kids to pack up, not so much. We succeeded in getting the library packed, all they had to do was put books in boxes, not too hard, right? Wrong, they just threw ’em in the box, no rhyme or reason or order, just tossed ’em in. So we had to have a packing talk.

Then of course I was packing up a lot of my stuff too last week. Oh the dust all that stirs up in an air tight school that’s been under construction since last summer is not necessarily a good thing. I started with like allergy symptoms, then an all out cough over the weekend. It would’ve been fine had it just been a little cough cough, but noooooooo!

For each little tickle resulted in the fact I was practically hacking up both my lungs each time. My diaphragm, pecs, abs, back muscles & head hurt soooooo bad, it was pitiful. Mike picked up some robitussin for daytime, I was taking ibuprofen during the day for the headache & nyquil for both at night.

Finally Wed night Mike & Shannon were both like “Um, I’d go see a dr., but that’s just me, wink wink.” Thankfully I called Thursday morning & they had an appt available with a PA in the afternoon. I went to see her & she hooked me up with the meds to make sure I’d get cured by at least Saturday. SHe prescribed a Z-Pack(antibiotics), predinsone(steroid), some serious cough syrup( I believe I got the generic version of: codeine & finegrin: to make me very very sleepy), & an inhaler of albuterol.

Shannon was thoroughly impressed with herself, she was right as always. 😀

Now that I’m feeling better, what shall I do during my summer break in between my workshop schedule, hehe 😉


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