Revisiting the Past


Just want to clarify I updated this post when I got back from Louisiana, but the internet gods didn’t save the draft, so here I go again.

Drove into Marksville last night in Michael’s truck. I was very excited about this weekend; getting to see the family, eat some of Mom’s cooking, seeing my childhood best friend after 13 years. We met in Pre-K 28 years ago.

How horrible is this, I woke up on a freakin’ Saturday at 6:30 AM, WTH! Sat around the hotel room for about 2 hours, got dressed & couldn’t contain myself, I wanted breakfast. I texted my brothers who slept later than me, ugh! We then trucked on over to my parent’s place where my Mom, god love her, was making shrimp stew. We then fell into our rolls of asking/begging Mom to let us help her in some way & her refusing saying “Nah I got it!”

Then the bestie from elementary school showed up. I gotta say it was great seeing her & catching up. I literally hadn’t seen her since my first Mardi Gras back in college when we took some out-of-towners down to the Quarter. Anyway Gee, as I used to call her, is now in nursing school in New Orleans at LSU, she & I finally have something more in common than St. John Lutheran.

After lunch and visiting a bit with the family we headed back to the hotel & spa where luck would have 2 massage appointments done right before dinner, we signed up! Gawd I lurve massages 😀 We hung out & talked some more then met the family downstairs for dinner at the buffet. Check out the pictures here.

Gee & Me

The Ice Bar proved to be the nail in the coffin of the evening. We had a few drinks & sat around & watched a little bit of March Madness. We all went back up to our rooms, Gee stayed down by the bar with Johnny who made sure she made it back to the room safely. As she fell asleep she kept saying how great it was seeing all of us again and how much she loved being around us since she could tell we all really loved each other.

While the circumstances were a tad bit skewed, what she said gave me the warm fuzzies. It made me realize that no matter how much sometimes we have our differences or even when some big things blow up, we all still love each other, no matter what. Honestly, I can say that the only time there has ever been any significant issues it’s because someone outside our immediate family has instigated it or was involved in it.

Easter Sunday we got up & went to go see Maw Maw. She looked a lot better than me & Michael expected. Maw Maw took care of all of us growing up. We lived next door to her & Paw Paw in a double shotgun house in Mid-City, New Orleans, LA. She was sitting in a chair holding hands with Brenda & Emily. She kept reaching out to Emily & touching her face, I gotta tell ya, it made me tear up a bit. I sat down when Emily left & held Maw Maw’s hand. It was so good seeing her. Granted she’s not her former self, but it’s still Maw Maw.

As much as we try to move away from our past, I find that it rejuvenates & refreshes me. It’s like I have to get a family infusion in every now & then. Since we found that shortcut in Marlin through Lufkin, it’s been making it a heck of a lot easier to visit back home. I’m looking forward to our next trip home.

Though our next trip home, if it’s not my annual summer trip, it’s most likely going to be for Maw Maw’s farewell. She’s not doing very well & we’re all playing the waiting game honestly, but that’s a story for another post.

Til next time.


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