Spring Beginnings


I’m entering a new phase it seems.

There has been quite a change at work, you can feel it in the air, it was almost instantaneous when the change occurred. I know I can make it through the rest of the school year, I’m hoping I can turn things around for my students so that they may leave school with only the good memories.

I’ve also been dating a bit more than usual. Went out on a few dates and just recently have come to like a certain gentleman. We’ve been hanging out with each other for a week now and it looks promising. So we’ll see how that goes.

With Spring Break officially in full swing, I’m going to use this time to maybe check off a few resolutions from list. Mainly that whole cleaning house thing, or more specifically, getting through all my laundry & maybe donating a lot of things to Goodwill.

Of course, I’ll be spending a lot of time on facebook & Twitter, mainly reading about SXSW down in Austin & wishing I was there.

I have five days left, spent four lazing around, time to get my butt in gear, will post video & photos of my progress.

‘Til next time! Hugs & Smooches!


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