Is It Possible…..?


I think, no I know my house got messier since last weekend. That’s becasue I did nothing chore-wise at all this week.

Being the first week back at work/school I came home completely exhausted & passed out on the couch 4/5 evenings this week. I did get one thing accomplished, my car got an oil change & washed, though even though they did a good job I’m still finding nooks & crannies they missed that are horribly dusty & crusty, I don’t think they even vaccummed under the floor mats, sigh, disappointing.

The oil change didn’t even kick of the electronic notifier that goes off when I need an oil change, I don’t even know how to turn it off. So I’m thinking I’ll start going back to my old place for oil changes & now I need to find a new car detail place that’s a little bit more “detail” oriented.

Itried, but the people on the other end failed, so onto the next. I called a lawn care/maintenance company to come mow my yard & god bless ’em cuz this is the best my lawn has looked ever since I bought the house a year ago. Mind you I’ve had three others try & cut my grass all to dismal results, the lawn looked choppy or too short, etc. These guys, funny too, their name is The Guys With Green Shoes, their nursery business: The Guys With Green Thumbs, hehe. Anywho, lawn looks great even with the brown/half dead grass.

So today I woke up 9am, pretty good, but I’ve just spent the last hour online & typing this post up as we speak. I need to get in gear so that I can actually get started on those elusively “complicated” resolutions I made last weekend. My goal today is to at least get the house picked up, not necessarily dusted & everything, just get everything picked up & out of the way so that I can actually dust & vaccum properly.

Wish me luck as I head into the abyss of my inner sanctum.


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