You Can Never Go Back


I’m at the tail end of my trip back home for the holidays. Let’s face it, moving into a classroom was way harder than I expected. I was really looking forward to going home for the holidays this year. Seeing as I cried like a baby when I had to fly back after my parents’ 50th Anniversary. Each day is a day closer to the summer & recuperation from this year. Anywho, Christmas trip. As usual I brought the canine kids. Mom talked me into driving back into Texas to spend a night with one of our cousins in Buna, which let’s face it is always a fun trip & there is forever good food at Lorraine’s house. It did kind of take a day half of relaxing out of the the trip I had planned for, but it made Mom happy, so all is well.

Came home Christmas Eve & Mom made turkey, dressing & rice & gravy, yummy! I teased all the siblings I could contact, you know the country cell phone service isn’t all that great. The youngest brother, John & his wife Jeannie, came in town that night, we all hung out for awhile & then headed to beddy bye. Day after Christmas we went visiting my aunt & uncle, Mom wanted to drop off some of her oyster dressing, which everyone says is heaven, but I haven’t been able to partake all these years so you’ll just have to trust everyone else who’s eaten it.

After the visit we went back & ate leftovers for lunch, yummy! Oh yeah did I mention my nephew’s girlfriend had their baby, a little girl, Kailyn. Probably won’t get to see her until my niece’s wedding next October. Wow! Both my niece & nephew have kids & she’s getting married, I feel sooooo old!

Well I loaded the car after lunch & made my way to The Big Easy, New Orleans, I’ve been feeling especially homesick lately & just jonesing for a NOLA fix. I made a pit stop in Baton Rouge to visit with one of my great friends JT whom I figured out I hadn’t seen in about 3 years, last time was Feb 2006, crazy! Got to NOLA & called my BF Evah, Shannon, luckliy she was already in New Orleans, but I knew that.

We were starving, so she came over & we headed out to the Metry location of Acme Oyster House on Vets. Shrimp Po’boys, Corn & Crab Bisque & Red Beans & Rice, yummy! Shannon had a hankering for beignets, we could’ve just driven up the road to Cafe Du Monde on Vets, but since neither of us had been to the Quarter in awhile we took a little road trip šŸ˜‰

Pulled into a prime parking spot on the river near the riverboat Natchez. Walked thru Jackson Square past all the tarot card readers & sidewalk artists to Bourbon St. Shannon & I realized how much we had taken the city for granted when we lived there. She was looking for some black & white pictures of the city scape and we realized we could’ve taken those ourselves ages ago. The things we could’ve done with PhotoShop too. Ah well.

Once we got to Bourbon I took Shannon to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, she had never been. We sat & enjoyed the eye candy bartenders then we made our way back down Bourbon, checked out the sites & proceeded to get our beignet fix. I got a headache around this time which lasted all through to Monday morning.

Needlesstosay I slept all day Sunday, which sucked cuz I really wanted to go t-shirt shopping at Fleurty Girl & Storyville šŸ˜¦ I guess I’ll have to settle for online shopping instead, sigh…. I did wind up visiting with an old college friend & cousins by way of marriage, lol. Spent 3 hours catching up with each other. She’s married & has step kids, crazy!

Monday, Brenda & I decided to go to the movies. We had to pick up Michael from the airport, she had a contractor come by to finish up some work, but after that we went with Emily to see It;s Complicated. Same people who brought us Something’s Gotta Give & The Holiday. Which actually the movie felt like a combo of those two, middle aged people in the throes of relationship issues with a great soundtrack, lol. Overall hysterical movie, but Alec Baldwin just was sleazy as that character. He made me like Steve Martin that much more.

We found ourselves at Lager’s after for dinner, yummy cobb salad. Emily then left us again to hang out with her friends, did I mention I didn’t see her til Monday morning & I was at her house for 3 days, lol. Sigh…….twenty somethings, I remember those days.

Brenda & I picked up Rudy from the airport late, his flight was delayed an hour. We brought his puppy who right now is the sweetest doggie in the family, DaDoo, sounds like (duhdoo!). We woke up late, drive back to Marksville in record time, Rudy found out my car does 100mph, ahhhhhh! Thankfully I slept most of the way, lol. Mom made meatballs & spaghetti, yummy! I’m sitting here with a full belly & a satisfied smile.

Good company, good trip, good visit, good food! Til next time!


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