My New York Trip Days 1 & 2

After that last post I realized I’m long-winded, but hey isn’t that the point of having your own personal forum!
Day 3
Okay, see I brought a pair of tennis shoes for the trip, but I should’ve known better. These shoes even at work hurt when I’m on my feet for prolonged hours, but I didn’t want to chance hurt feet by wearing the same shoes the entire weekend. Well! Cue day 3 where we walked all over the Lower East Side. Well we started in Chinatown & Little Italy. Got bum rushed by ladies trying to sell Coach, Gucci, & Louis. I had a craving for Chinese food & we walked around until we saw a word we recognized on the signs, “restaurant.” Lemme just say PF Chang’s is way better, lol. Then we found ourselves walking thru Little Italy & Shannon made the comment that we should’ve eaten somewhere around there instead. Literally drooling over peoples linguine.
I can’t remember if we caught the subway to Lower East Side or we walked, but that’s how much the feetsies & legs were starting to ache. I began to feel how ambitious we actually were the day before. Of course, it’s my summer vacay, I’ve been lazing around my house so far this summer, no physical activity to speak of. Big mistake, should’ve built up my resistance before doing a walking vacation in New York, hello!
We stopped at the Tenement Museum after walking god knows how many blocks. Looked over the tour listings, we got there too late & most of the ones we wanted were booked up, so we went & sat in the little film room where they were showing videos from the History Channel about immigrants in New York; made me want to go watch Gangs of New York, hehe. Here’s where the leg/feet thing happened: I stood up after the movies & our morning “stroll” and good god, my lower legs began this burning thing that lasted pretty much all day long. I took my first step and I could already feel the raw skin at the bottom of my feet from the socks & shoes in my arches, very very very sad at this point.
I know we walked over to The Pickle Guys & they were closed!!!! I thought maybe I was just off a bit but there was not a lot of traffic, pedestrian or otherwise in this area on Saturday, which kind of threw me off a bit, but after coming home & reading my tour book, which got left at home btw, it said this area is hopping everyday but Saturday, go figure.
We then made our way to Katz’s Deli, you know where Meg Ryan has her “scene,” & the lady net to her says I’ll have what she’s having. We were able to walk thru, take pictures etc. They give a little ticket when you walk in which you have to turn into the cashier no matter whether you order something or not. A non-returned ticket can cost up to $50! We held onto to those tickets like our life depended on it. Shannon actually liked the place.
We then walked to the subway, did I mention walking again, caught it to NYU area. We walked to Washington Square, walked again. By this time my feet were burning & so were my legs. Really it hurt to walk, to move even. I should’ve massaged my legs the previous night when we got back, but wasn’t even thinking. I didn’t drink enuff water like I knew I probably should have. We got some snapples & sat down on a bench in the park. Listened to the numerous music acts vying for the attention of the college students, tourists & really any passerby. We watched a unabashed display of public affection that left both me & Shannon shuddering. Though I do have to say the dude was hot, in that skinny urban/european kind of way, 😉
We then headed off to try & find Magnolia Bakery & Chumley’s, a speakeasy back during prohibition. Hello, why was it being renovated & why didn’t I think to try it’s other entrance?! Still haven’t told Shannon that one yet, hehe. Anywho on our way out or the park who do we walk past but Mark Dacascos, you know, the chairman from Iron Chef America. Both of us were start struck! I immediately called Mom & Dad to tell them, I knew Mom would appreciate. Shannon said he’s totally gay, but I just checked out IMDB & he’s married with a kid.
So Chumley’s was a bust, no pun intended, hehe. We made our way over to Magnolia Bakery & the line was outrageous. I couldn’t do it. My feet & legs were screaming at me to rest. Shannon was a great hostess & took me home. Went home & ordered Italian take-out, it was freakin delicious, smooth tomato sauce & eggplant parmasean with spaghetti, yummy! We also watched The Muppets Take Manhattan & CenterStage, just cuz we were in a NY state of mind, hahaha.
Day 4
I learned, finally, wore the good comfy tennis shoes. Since you can park pretty much anywhere in the city on Sundays we drove a lot that day. First we got our spot on 39th & walked over to the Chicago theater, but rush tickets were gone, then we tried for Billy Elliot & people were just standing waiting in line for cancellations to mysteriously appear. So no other shows for this trip. We were hungry at this point & Shannon introduced me to Schnipper’s, very good burger & good onion rings, yummy.
We got back in the car & made our way back to The Pickle Guys, we’d both been jonesing for pickles since we were denied the previous day. Got a parking spot that at the time that seemed perfect. Skipped up to the shop & inhaled the briny salty garlicy marinades of the store. The guy gave us a run down & we put in our orders. While I took a picture Shannon checked on the car to make sure it wasn’t getting a ticket, but there was a truck in front of the car, a tow truck to be more specific. It didn’t hit Shannon until I said it twice & then she ran down the street to rescue her car. Yep, she got a parking ticket, bogus if you ask either of us.
Now Magnolia Bakery was next. Shannon had warned me their recipe had changed from the first time she had tried them. Well, what she didn’t tell me was that they baked cardboard. Good lord we each bought 2 cupcakes & they all tasted like cardboard with icing. The icing was good, but when eaten in conjunction with the cake part, it was awful. Seriously it was the worst cupcake I have ever eaten in my entire life. Lost $5.50 on crap cupcakes. I’ve made better, my nieces when they were 10 have made better than that.
With the cupcake debacle behind us we drove north. At least we had our pickles 😉
We drove around Manhattan & took pictures of a lot of the things on my tourista list. Faltiron Building, which we drove right behind & didn’t even realize it! Of course we were driving around in SUnday New York traffic, hello, I was totally getting car sick, we had to stop at a pharmacy for some dramamine, where the cashier let me stand in what I thought was a checkout line only to be told later, & after a few other people got in the real line that there was just “one” line, grrrrr! We were trying to find Serendipity’s & wound up on the west side when it was actually on the east side, oopsy 🙂
Got there put our name down, 45-60 min wait. What did we do to kill time: went to Dylan’s candy store up the block. Went back to get our table, upstairs right next to the one John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale ate at in the movie. Our waiter was very sweet he took our pictures after we got the infamous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, which tasted more like Frrrozen Chocolate Pudding. Delicious still the same.
I believe we went back home after that, but we could’ve stopped & took a couple more pictures, not too sure.
Day 5
Shannon had to go into work on Monday for a couple hours. We had decided the night before to do The Cloisters. Now one of the main things that I wanted to do on this trip was The Cloisters, it has the Unicorn Tapestry & The Annunciation by Campin, been dying to see that. Alas Shannon called me right before she left work & told me they were closed on Mondays. So I broke out the map and decided to do the Museum of TV & Radio. We got into the city ate @ this little diner like restaurant, reminded us of Tiffin Inn back home so I got a tuna salad sandwich & seasoned curly fries. All the waiters had white jackets & black pants, it was very cute.
We walked around & found totally by accident the 21 Club, the one with all the jockey statues along the gates. Right next door was the museum, now called The Paley Center & guess what it was closed on Mondays! WTH?! Then what you ask, we had no real back-up plan so we walked & came across Rockefeller Center. Decided to do the NBC Studio Tour. Right before we watch the intro film they tell us to turn off cell phones, cameras, etc. As we walk up to security to go through the metal detectors guess who walks by: Sam Talbot, the runner up from the 2nd season of Top Chef! Second celeb I saw on my trip & I have no proof of either one, grrrr!
As for the tour we got to see 3 studios, MSNBC, Sunday Night Football (under construction still) & the SNL studio, 8H. Shannon was thoroughly entertained, she doesn’t even watch SNL, or has ever watched it, but she was a little star struck by it. It was pretty cool.
Shannon recommended John’s Pizzeria for dinner, thin crust good toppings, delicious. Perfect last meal for my trip. Then Shannon was all about the ice cream, then again when is she not about the ice cream. So I broke out the iPhone again, urbanspoon was truly extremely helpful on this trip. We first were going to go to one place, but then got a better reviewed place right up the block. We walked out to see the addresses & were about to walk across the street to see if it was in the next block, but low & behold it was right next door, Cones. People if you ever go to NY go here, Argentinian gelato, need I say more? Yes, okay, omg best gelato I ever had. Shannon got coffee & another flavor, can’t remember. I got banana & pistachio, omg, best freakin’ ice cream product ever!!!!! Pizza & gelato, perfect ending to perfect trip.
Day 6
Loaded up the car, drove to the airport, cried at the drop-off, got on the plane & came home.

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