My New York Trip Days 1 & 2


Obviously the title says it all, gonna tell you all about my trip to New York.

I flew into the breezy LaGuardia Airport. I landed early & Shannon was thrown off her schedule, lol. She picked me up, we went to Target to get some essentials, then dropped everything off at her apartment. When deciding where to go to dinner when I’m on vacation I like to go someplace that I can’t get at home, hello Chili’s, Applebee’s & Outback. Shannon had heard of this place on City Island in the Bronx: Sammy’s FishBox. Seafood is always good on any coast, so Sammy’s it was.

I was showing off my iPhone, which Shannon hates by the way, lol, she wanted me to get a blackberry, nah. I used google maps & we kind of got a a little turned around, but it worked out. We walked in before this huge family group did, thank goodness. Sat down & proceeded to look at the hugest restaurant menu I’ve ever seen. We both wound up ordering the same thing: jumbo shrimp. Shannon filled me in on her new job & all the drama that went on, that she never called me about, hello!

Went back home & chilled out a bit, showered & went to bed. Thankfully there was no need to get up early 😉

Day 2
I must say I didn’t realize how ambitious we were until day 3, lol. Since we didn’t have to wake up early we found ourselves rolling out about 10am. Our game plan for the day was to do Lower Manhattan: Financial District, Seaport & Pier 17, some Theater District & then The Little Mermaid that night. We parked in Queens, took the subway into the city. Well we got a little excited & just started walking around & taking pictures that we wound up eating lunch a bit later than planned, which is totally okay.

Thankfully all the stuff near Wall St is all so close to each other, I even saw a thing or two not on my tourista list, NY Stock Exchange for instance. We meant to go to the NMAI but somehow or another we missed it & didn’t realize it until way later, lol. See totally out of it even on vacay.

Ate at Heartland BBQ @ South St. Seaport, I had brisket chili, pretty good, but I should’ve known better than to eat BBQ outside of Texas. Then we indulged in a little Hagen Daas(sp?) before walking thru Pier 17. Saw this little creature being demo’d at one of those mall-type kiosks called Mr. Fuzzy, people get your minds out of the gutter, it’s actually pretty fascinating.

We went to get the car since you can park in the city after a certain time on the weekends. Drove back & parked at this awesome spot. I won’t divulge that way it stays Shannon’s secret. Then we partook of some of the things around the Theater District. Hit a lot of places on my list: The New Yorker, The Algonquin, The Brill Building. We ventured over to The Algonquin and we debated on whether or not to go inside. We were dressed in jeans & tennis shoes & this looks like a pretty swanky place. Didn’t know exactly how we’d be perceived. Apparently not bad, we walked in & they seated us in the bar, the servers were great. Though can’t say much for the suits sitting a few tables over from us. They were very rude to the waiter about a signed receipt, he totally went off on the guy, had to get a manager over & everything. Anywho Shannon & I ordered 2 of the most expensive drinks we’ve ever had, that would be $15 ea. I got a “Parker,” figured it’s be perfect since it used to be where Dorothy Parker hung out back in her heyday. It was pretty good, tart too, fitting for it’s name.

We made our wau back to tourist central, I mean Times Square, and walked aorund a bit where we found The Brill Building, this was where Carole King & Neil Diamond had offices when they wrote some of the the most famous pop songs of the 50s, 60s & I think 70s. We came in through the delivery door & one guy was about to give us a hard time when the guard on duty said to chill, that we were just looking around. Gorgeous lobby by the way, all gold & shiny. Shannon tried her darndest to take a picture of me standing outside but the late in the day pedestrian traffic kind of put a kink in the plans. One guy, a cute blonde in a suit halted mid step to try & let us take it, but his fellow NYers did’t take the hint.

We had a little more time to kill before The Little Mermaid began what did we do, got fries & drinks from McDonald’s since we didn’t want full on dinner til after the show. We made our over to the theater, took some pics outside and filed in with the rest of the patrons. Okay so I was getting into the music a bit, Shannon says I actually started to sing a bit and pointed my fingers, all probably true, but gimme some slack, it was my FIRST Broadway show, I was excited. Got to see Faith Evans as Ursula, pretty cool. The first half was okay. I must say I was kind of disappointed a bit. I was expecting so much more from a broadway show. But this actually looked like something I’d see down here. Even CATS in Dallas was better, as far as sets go. The second half made up for the first, but still it left me wanting more. We had originally planned to go see Billy Elliot, but we waited too long to get tickets. Then that whole Tony thing happened & there was no way we were getting tickets for it then.

I had wanted to eat dinner at Sardi’s, the restaurant from The Muppets Take Manhattan where they have all the caricatures of celebrities on the walls. Didn’t know if Shannon would go for the prices though. I casually brought it up as we passed by on the way back to the car. Again didn’t know if we’d be accepted in our jeans & tennis shoes. that & nobody was in there. Since our show was a “kiddie” show it let out early. We walked in & they seated us right away. Saw the booth where Kermit sat, hehe. We decided on appetizer/entrees & dessert. Lemme just say that was the best freakin creme brulee I’ve ever had, oh good gawd! Even better than Commander’s Palace in New Orleans & that was damn good. This one had creamy custard, very rich, you could see the vanilla bean seeds at the bottom of the dish. The sugar on top was crisp & still sweet not bitter like I’ve had so many times before. Even though I had a smaller salad (caprese) than Shannon’s chicken ceasar, I still couldn’t finish my dessert. BTW Shannon’s chicken ceasar was awesome, chicken was delicious. Her dessert was a house special & it was pretty damn good too!

Perfect ending to that first day!


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