Busy Busy Busy


Whoa! I’m glad last week is over. Between trainings & birthdays, etc…. it was crazy.

I had training all last weekend down in Austin & had to drive back up for a girlfriend’s birthday dinner, which was nice, but I was exhausted. Then came home Sunday night to host a little True Blood dinner, we opted for pizza since it had already been a long weekend.

By the way if you haven’t seen True Blood, then I highly suggest it. I got hooked during a marathon, then my girlfriend turned me onto Charlaine Harris’ books, which the series is based upon. I love that it takes place in Louisiana. All I’m saying is that I’m a big fan of Eric’s. Watch it, read the books, you’ll thank me later. Watched the second episode tonight, which was great, again, highly recommend.

I had 2 more workshops the beginning of the week, which I must say gave time consuming ideas, but ideas nonetheless for when I get into the classroom. All in all every class I’ve gone to has been pretty useful, so not at all wastes of time.

I do need to start thinking about my classroom, organization wise, so that I don’t lose my head next year, not worried, just want to get a head start.

This weekend was very nice. My friend Christie from PA came to Texas for her little brother’s wedding, obviously he’s not little anymore, but you get the idea. I drove up to Ft. Worth & stayed for the rehearsal dinner, the wedding & family festitivites afterward. It was really nice, the bride was beautiful, the kids were cute, the boys were handsome. I got to see Christie & her family, whom I hadn’t seen since I was the maid of honor at her wedding 6 yrs ago.

Of course they were all busy with wedding stuff, so we didn’t get in as much visiting time as we hoped, but that’s okay. They’re coming back next year for her brother’s graduation. I’ll take ’em down to Austin or to the Renaissance Faire.

So I have this week totally free to myself, I’m gonna get some laundry done, fingers crossed on that people, don’t hold your breath too long. Also got some pampering planned, mani/pedi & my bimonthly hair appt with the bestest stylist ever, Charline.

Beddy bye time. Will most likely be back after my trip to visit Shannon in New York! Big Apple here I come!


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