2009 Updates


Well, 2009 is shaping up to be a bit better than 2008. Though I have to give credit where it’s due, the end of 2008 was definitely better than its start.

I bought my house, which is shaping up pretty nicely if I do say so myself. My family came to Killeen for the holidays, that was nice spending time with them. Mom & Dad stayed with me. It’s pretty cool that they can actually stay with me now, sigh…….

Work, is work. I decided that I’d like to go into a classroom next year. So hopefully I’ll get the grade level I want, fingers crossed. Though, right now focused on making sure my kiddos pass the next round of TAKS Reading.

Some friends from work, Jenn & Margaret, mentioned wanting to go to Mardi Gras, so the weekend before the holiday weekend we drove down & stayed with Brenda. It was fun. Drinking, partying, karaoke, dancing, raining, traffic, David Archuleta, lol.

This past weekend I had my birthday/graduation/housewarming party. It was fun. I got inspired and had a scavenger hunt. Had some pretty interesting things on the list. I splurged & got bath & body works gifts for the girls. Then went out with some girls from work. It was a great night.

I’m also excited about graduating from massage therapy school. I’ll probably wind up just working on friends & family at the house, mainly cuz my summer is already booking up with trips to New York to visit Shannon, finally, & Louisiana for Mom & Dad’s 50th Anniversary Party. Shoot then in the fall, my friend Isabel is getting married down in San Antonio. So busy year up ahead.

As far as my entertainment goes, been busy. As you can see, I’ve gone to the dark side as Emily says, with my facebook. I now tweet on twitter from tweetdeck. You can follow me, just look over there on the right——>

I luv my electronic new toys too. I always loved my sirius satellite radio in my car, but I hated that I could never hear it in the house, or take it with me somehow, well I made my way down to Best Buy & got a radio for the living room. It’s even better than the one in the car cuz it tells you the song & the artist singing, nice!!!

My pother new toy: an amazon kindle. A coworker bought one for her son for x-mas. I came across the ad this Monday and decided after reading the reviews and details & watching the videos to get one. It arrived on Tuesday. This thing is awesome! Holds up to 1500 books, page-like screen, super easy to read. Already finished one book & am moving onto my 2nd, btw books are way cheaper than their paper version, so I’m saving money too. It’s gonna pay for itself in the long run.

Also been busy watching The Bachelor, god what a waste of a season! I can’t believe I fell for it this year. I totally got hooked at the beginning mainly cuz Brenda talked Jason up so much, but huh, he fooled us all. Dancing With The Stars is pretty good this season. I am loving Steve-O, but I don’t see him lasting much longer. Much luv & props to him though.

Can’t forget American Idol. I think this season has the most talented cast in a long while. I mean that everyone pretty much has a voice. Now it’s just a matter of which one is better. I’m rooting for Adam, Danny, Matt & Kris. It’s gonna be a guy’s year I think, though Allison has some decent chops there.

I’ve also fallen for True Blood, thanks to Karin & Tanisha. Takes place in LA, so I’ve got a vested interest already. The show at first ruffles my native Louisiana feathers a bit, but hey, I’m all about vampires & cooky Louisianians. Remember the book I mentioned before, it was the first of the series the show is based on, mmmm, good reading.

Speaking of vampires, Hello, I’m Darnee, I am a Twilight Saga addict. Read all 4 books, saw the movie in theaters I believe 3 times, but who’s counting. I’ve watched it umpteen times since it came out on dvd. That kissing scene gets me every time, sigh…….. I love the soundtrack too, especially that Iron & Wine song at the end, altogether yummy. Not to mention Robert Pattinson, mmmm.

Ah well, I guess that’s all for now. Am in the techie mode, will hopefully update more often from now on, lol, then again I’ve said that before.



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