The End of Spring Break


I was supposed to clean house, hence the whole “spring cleaning” adage, but alas I only managed to move a few boxes into the garage and uncover some pretty embarassing photos from high school, hehe. Oh my friends will not be amused once those wind up on facebook.

The week began okay, I made meatballs for the girls on Sunday and they turned out just like Mom’s. I mean I couldn’t tell the difference, so I’m guessing I did good.

The weather was gorgeous all week, the dogs lurved it. I just opened the sliding glass door in the morning and shut it at night, talk about enjoying freedom.

I got a satellite radio for the house, yeah, I always want to listen to some to the stations I come across while driving, or I’ll hear a great song and can’t get the info on it quick enough. Anywho, very exciting, nice to play while the tvs off and the fresh air is blowing thru the house, my house, sigh…..

On Wednesday I got a massage, which I left hurting as opposed to relaxed, not very nice, hmpf.

Funny, I can’t remember Thursday, lol. Friday the dogs went & had baths while I moved said boxes and found said pictures. I also found some elementary school yearbooks, that’s some funny stuff, awesome hairdos and make-up trends. Gosh I miss the late 80’/early 90’s.

Today, I woke up and realized Twilight hit stores last night and prominently got dressed and went to Wal-Mart. Course that was after I watched one of the greatest teen angst/rebellion movies ever made Pump Up The Volume! Why this movie hasn’t developed cult status like that of Heathers, I’ll never know, it kind of stayed out of the cult limelight for years, but it’s high on my recommend list.

At Wal-Mart I was getting stuff to make for our side dish tomorrow, roasted red potatoes. But I had an ulterior motive. And now I’ve watched Twilight thru once, now watching again with the commentary on, hehe. So I need to go and finish my second viewing.


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