Whew! ‘Bout Time


Homelife – what homelife? Besides just watching tv when I get home, my homelife has been less than stellar. I’ve been super busy at work. It was slow going there for a minute, but things picked up very recently and I’ haven’t stopped since. On a very happy note I got my new teacher bonus and went shopping last weekend. Gosh, I haven’t shopped like that since I worked for Lane Bryant in BR. Speaking of LB, I about fainted walking into that gorgeous store last Sunday. I usually accompany many of my girlfriends on their shopping trips, have done it the past 2 years strait, and due to my financial situation these past 2 years and living in the middle of nowhere the 4 years before that, I haven’t exactly made the time of funds necessary to go on a shopping trip such as the one this weekend, whoo! What made the trip even better they had a very good sale going on, buy one regular rpiced item and get another for $10, how awesome is that? I won’t tell you what I spent, but I saved $200, nice huh?

Now onto entertainment, sigh.

Movies – haven’t seen any since school began, hoping to remedy that very soon. Been dying to see Across the Universe, what can I say I’m a sucker for The Beatles music.

Music – fell in love with a band out of L.A. called Rooney. K, now listen carefully it gets slightly complicated. The lead singer is Robert Schwartzman, who played the role of Michael in The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway’s love interest. I thought he looked familiar in that movie and it hit me only after I’d watched the thing a thousand times, he looks like Jason Schwartzman, from Rushmore and numerous other films, indie, mainstream, etc. Wait, there’s more, their mother is Talia Shire, yes Adrian in Rocky, nephews to Francis Ford Coppola, cousins to Sofia Coppola & Nicholas Cage, etc. etc. etc. sigh. Anywho, the band Rooney, was listening to VH1 in the mornings like I do now since they no longer play Designing Women on Lifetime and I’ve seen every rerun episode of Angel and Saved By The Bell that’ll ever run in syndication. Heard this 80’s inspired song “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” LURVED IT! Went on my usual info hunt and discovered that I already loved this band before Iheard them, hehe, if that makes sense.

Only thing else in music that I care about is that my beloved Rascal Flatts released their new album, luv it! They’re just awesome, have been and always will be, nuff said.

T.V. – The Pick-Up Artist Finale, Yeah Cosmo won! Never thought I’d think a tall skinny dude wearing nail polish and better clothes than most women was cute, but hey what can ya do?

Rock of Love – yeah Bret picked Jes, Heather was psycho from day 1 along with her BFF Lacey, good riddance. Not looking forward to Flavor of Love 3 or I Love NY 2, yuck.

Though VH1 has me intrigued to see what’s next for Scott Baio. Did he pop the question to Renee? Did Johnny V come back?

New Beauty and the Geek with a twist no less. The wrench in the game this season is a boy beauty and girl geek. Very interesting, can’t wait to see how this plays out, especially since the boy beauty has already hooked up with one of the girl beauties and it’s hurting both their teams’ reputations, hmmmmmmm.

Reaper – kid’s parents sold his soul to the devil. The devil’s making good on the deal by having kid, now an adult, catch rouge souls that have escaped from hell. Okay the fact that Kevin Smith is a consult on this show is enough for me to watch. The one-liners are to die for, no pun intended, hehe. Good fun, lurve it.

Kid Nation – wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. I watched to first 2 episodes, but this past week got a little tricky, I’ll explain, Pushing Daisies premiered this past week, so I tivo’d it and couldn’t tape Kid Nation due to the fact that I didn’t have the AV cord to hook the VCR to the TV in the bedroom, bummer.

Speaking of Pushing Daisies – loved it! Lee Pace from Soldier’s Girl, awesome movie, not for the faint of heart or ultraconservative. Anywho, Lee Pace and Chi McBride are cute and lovable. For some reason it has kind of Desparate Housewives feel in that whole narration thing, combined with the weirdness of what could be Tim Burtonesque theme. I not only love it for those reasons, but the whole fact that they can’t touch each other, but used monkeys to “kiss” and pretended to hold each other’s hand was just the sweetest thing. Looking forward to next week.

Ugly Betty – totally unexpected. Didn’t see that Santos send off coming at all, was completely wrapped up in Hilda’s dream. Alexis having amnesia, eh, I can live without that, but I guess I’ll have to deal. I should be greatful there’ll be no more Salma Hayek storylines, whew! Loved this past week’s episode with Henry admitting he want to be together with Betty, sigh……..

Grey’s Anatomy – eh, not exactly excited about it so far, been kind of disappointing actually. I understand happy couples don’t sell, but good grief Derek and Meredith are driving me insane. And I’m not diggin the Izzy and George coupling, it’s just not right. I need more time before I will come to terms with this.

Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice – eh, not interested.

Shannon will hate me for this, but Dancing with the Stars is not on my tv agenda, sorry folks.

I’m sure I’m missing tons and tons of other shows that I meant to watch, but I’m only one person and only one person can only watch so much tivo, but I’m trying, E for effort.

‘Til next time peeps, lol, can’t help myself.


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