Summer’s End


Homelife: This week I got to stay home and spend time with my babies, for those who don’t know, that would be Zoe & Howie, my dogs. The past 2 weeks they’ve been feeling slight neglect because I began attending teaching workshops and getting ready for the upcoming school year. My first full year as a teacher. This coming week I’ll be going to new teacher induction and next week I’ll be back at my school preparing my room and getting lesson plans together for my kiddos. I’m getting super duper psyched. Whoo!

The View – Monday they announced that Pope Benedict said it was ridiculous to think that evolution and creationism cannot co-exist. Interesting that this is coming from the same Pope who got rid of purgatory. A li something to chew on.

Bridezillas – My friends and I have each made a pact with each other saying if we step out of line once during any wedding planning we beat the tar out of each other.

SYTYCD – I’m not the only one with a So You Think You Can Dance obsession. Check this out!
It has some great links to your favorite dancers from previous seasons and amazing video clips. Enjoy!

Rock of Love – First there was Flavor Flav, now there’s Bret Michaels from Poison. I can’t decided which girls are worse and behave terribly. And yet the fact that I make it a point to continue watching means VH1 has an incredible mindlock on my brain.

Scott Baio is 45 & Single – see above, however, I must say Scott’s friend Johnny V is horrible. That man needs Scott to get married and to get burned quite a few times by the real world bug. He’s the most inconsiderate and selfish friend I think I’ve ever seen. What’s more unbelievable is that this hunk of a man is still single. He’s still good-looking even at 45, what’s the deal with that? He’s kind of like Rob Lowe, they’ve aged very well. I am bumming on the whole issue with him getting upset when people would call him Chachi, hello!, for him to turn his nose up at the role that started his career. Dude take a lesson from those who feel blessed they’ve had even half the career you’ve had.

Summer Movies:
Shrek III – I liked the first 2 better. Though I do have to give props to the band of Princesses. How hysterical was that Snow White? Still I think the first one was the best.

Pirates: At World’s End – A little strange at times, though what woman in her right mind would opbject to Johnny Depp cloned 20x over? Not this one. I’m still incredibly bummed about Will (Orlando Bloom). The only thing that trumped me up good, I usually stay to read the credits, but I was with a friend who hightailed it out of there right at the end. So I missed the real ending after the credits. For those of you who saw you know what I’m talking about.

Harry Potter V – I’ve been making it a point to read the books before the movie comes out. I try not to read the next installment beforehand, that way I won’t be thinking of the new story while I’m watching the previous one. I was looking forward to this one, to all the things that happened that I’d see realized for the screen. Who knew that WB was going to hire a director who wanted to chop the story all to pieces? I was a teensy bit upset, can you tell, at how they left out Ron’s Quidditch match, Hagrid’s trip to see the giants and a bit more explanation of everything that happened during the battle at the end. Just all sorts of wrong. And now the same director is at the helm of the 6th movie, bummer! I’m looking forward to the 6th movie, but not as much as I usually would.

Hairspray – As a devout follower of the 1988 film with Ricki Lake at the helm, I found this interpretation lacking. As all my friends know, I lurve JohnTravolta with all my being, huge fan. I was not smitten with his Edna Turnblad. Divine, a drag queen yes, didn’t play Edna as a drag queen, I thought his version was sincere as a mother. I also found the accent Travolta used, which he insisted upon, was grating, but that’s just me. I also did not like how Link was self absorbed and not on board with Tracey from the get go about integration. I was expecting a musical based on the movie, but after seeing the film version of the play I don’t expect to be standing in line on Broadway on my next trip to New York. That said I did like the music. “Good Morning Baltimore” was fantastic and the John waters cameo, fabulous. Even more fun was the director Adam Shankman’s cameo at the end alongside Ms. Lake as both talent agents. (P.S. for those of you who watched SYTYCD during Vegas week will recognize Twitch, the man who was beat out by Hok).

Michael Vick – Being from New Orleans I’m obviously not a big fan of the Falcons, but this just chapped my hide. For those of you who do know me well, know that I find this discovery sickening and completely horrendous. If he did do it, then I believe the only punishment should be he gets in the ring with one of the dogs he trained after they’ve been prodded and starved for weeks and see how he fares.

YouTube Debates – I didn’t watch, but after hearing about them I am so going to watch the republican one, hehe. I would love to see the responses to the snowman question on global warming.


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