What’s The Point?


K, so I created this blog to express opinions and talk about movies, music, tv, books, etc. and I have been a horrible blogger compared to the likes of say Perez Hilton, though I am not one to expound upon the extracurricular activities of the bad girls of Hollywood so much. They get enuogh press already don’t ya think?

So I decided I need to up my game, as much as a not so cool young lady can these days. My nephew responded to my getting a myspace page with a “Next thing ya know our parents and grandparents will be getting a myspace.” Not so encouraging.

A lot happens in a week’s time. It goes without saying I pay attention to mostly the entertainment side. But as with the 2004 elections, my sensibilities prompt me to look more and more closely at the upcoming Presidential election coming up next November.

I know you are all thrilled by this news, I’m going to do my best at keeping up with current events and throwing in my 2 cents, whoo hoo! Don’t all jump up at once now, hehe. Until next week.


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