Well, I Did It….


I’ve finally stepped into the 21st Century. Yes people I have a myspace page.

For the longest time I had the account, just never did anything with it. You know, no fancy layouts or graphics, or funny little quizzes. I mean I do those quizzes here. And, of course I already have a blog, hello, you’re reading it right now. So what was the point.

The nail in the coffin for me was that I went to a professional development seminar for talented and gifted kids. There was a panel of students there from our district and one student mentioned that one of their teachers has a myspace page, the kids can send messages and ask questions. It made total sense. In today’s world that’s how our kids communicate, mostly some way electronic messages.

So I bit the bullet. A lot of my friends, my nieces and nephew have pages, I can keep in touch with them as well. I see it as a communication tool for current and future students as well. Last fall when my 10 yr high school reunion was held, I knew a lot of people were contacted through myspace. I don’t know why I didn’t take the hint then, but it took me longer, duh. Now watch, something else is going to come along to take it’s place.

Maybe not. Considering the breadth of opportunities there, I have a feeling its longevity will stay in tact for quite some time. People can “personally” connect with their favorite music artists, customize their pages, make them unique and individual. In the conformity of our society kids, teenagers, rebels with and without a cause can express themselves freely, well almost freely, there are certain restrictions, but that’s for everyone’s full enjoyment of the site, young and old can corral there.

Okay enough soapboxing, just in case you’re curious – Ms. Wambsgans. Fair warning, it’s not the greatest, fanciest or anything, but I like it. Enjoy!


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