Elliott Mania Again!


Yes, yes folks, it’s been a long while since I’ve been around and a long time since Elliott’s been around too! It just so happens that on my brother’s birthday and five days before my very own birthday Elliott released his self-titled debut album! I know I did my own little recaps of Elliot performances during American Idol last season, FYI all those links to youtube no longer exist, damn copyrights. But I don’t care, because we now have brand new videos!

A little slide show to the tune of Elliott take on Whiter Shade of Pale, not my favorite version, I’m partial to Annie Lennox’s, but this definitely creeps up to second past all other versions I’ve heard! Enjoy.

Okay I’m a huge fan of Reg & Kelly, and to my surprise Howie Mandel is guest host, whom I adore cuz my new doggie is named Howie. Besides that Elliott’s on Regis & Kelly! He’s singing one of his 90’s tinged ballads, I lurve it, who am I kidding I lurve anything that comes out of that boy’s mouth. And by gosh darn it everyone on earth will too if it kills me.

I lurve Ellen, she’s a home girl, born in NO and helping the city in any way she can. And let’s face it no other white girl can dance like that unless she’s from New Orleans, even me, hehe. So the fact that Elliott’s on Ellen, hello (in my most authentic Valley Girl voice) has gotten me all shiver me timbers, insert my cat purrrring. Lurve, lurve, lurve this version of Movin’ On!

Here’s the Video for Wait For You, lurve it! I command you!

And if you’re just jonesin’ like I am for some retro Elliott, here you go, 2 of my favorite clips:

If I Can Dream

My All Time Favorite: If You Really Love Me, this is where I fell hook, line & sinker

For those keeping tabs on this season, like I am, I knew Sanjaya is nowhere near Idol league the minute he tried this song, which Elliott smacked down on, Sanjaya may have wooed us with his Signed, Sealed Delivered, but Elliott had this song from the getgo and Sanjaya should have stayed far far away from it:


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