I Wasn’t Supposed To Stay In Texas For Christmas


I was supposed to fly to New York and spend it with Shannon. I was supposed to be taking pictures in front of the Rockefeller Tree, Times Square, The Met, Washington Square, Trinity Church, going to Broadway shows, seeing where Louis Armstrong lived in Queens etc. etc. etc.

Let’s start oh, way back when I bean working at my school as an aide. From the very second day at school I have been sick. Seriously, the night between the first and second days I was worshiping the porcelein throne. And it seems I haven’t been 100% since then. Whether it’s allergies, sinus infection, a cold, flu, or whatever, I’ve been sick pretty consistently. I get a few days where I’m all good to go and feeling great, then I hit a rough patch and feel like hell. My nose has been rubbed raw at least 5 times in the past 3 months, no fun, that lotion infused tissue they hawk on tv, still rubs raw lemme tell you.

The night before I was scheduled to leave I came home from work to take a nap before packing and then picking up the apartment. I wake up from the nap with the most awful sore throat. Now I hadn’t had a sore throat at all during all the sicky times I’ve gone through the past few months. This hit me like a ton of bricks and I didn’t feel at all like packing for my trip. I have been looking forward to this trip for months now, months I tell, just ask everyone at work, all my friends and family. The next morning I woke up when the alarm went off and all I wanted to do was curl back under the covers with my Nyquil. I trudged through packing and getting my apartment in some semblence of order, which was pretty difficult and not even close to what I wanted to accomplish.

I dropped off my key to Lysza and headed to Waco to catch my plane. Not 15 minutes away from the airport there was an accident on the highway and I got stuck in traffic. Now wait, stuck in traffic implies that the cars were moving, we were all at a standstill for an hour and 15 minutes. I called Shannon to let her know the deal, I did not however mention that I thought something was kind of fishy and i wasn’t feeling right. I called the airline and thank goodness that snow storm had delayed my plane. Unfortunately, that danged snow storm did not delay my connecting flight in Houston. I was on the verge of tears at this point and I hadn’t even gotten to the airport yet.

So finally I get to the airport, right as my flight was orginally supposed to depart. I park in the overflow lot, because it is the holiday time and that was the only place that had spots available, let’s just say me and the gravel became well acquainted. I got to the counter to check in, my luck, I look like hell, no make-up cuz as you well know I wasn’t feeling up to it, and wouldn’t you know it the guys behind the counter are cutie patooties, figures! Anywho, they couldn’t have been nicer in helping me get another fight to NY from Houston, after about 20 minutes at the counter no less. I got another flight and I settled in with a Sprite, because they always make me feel better when I’m feeling blah, and waited for my flight to arrive from Houston.

Not even 6pm yet, and the announcement over the loudspeaker informs us that the flight to Houston got cancelled, due to all the weather complications that day. The guy behind the counter began working before I even spoke, he was asking the next airline over if they had any flights into NY at all. Turns out and who knew, all the flights were booked and nothing was leaving until the next evening. So I called Shannon to get a game plan and the more and more we talked and the more and more he kept offering a hotel room and dinner if I were to drive to Houston or Dallas, the more and more I was getting frustrated and the more and more I wanted to cry. I finally did when I called Lysza and told her not to pick up Zoe that night I wasn’t going to NY.

Between feeling sick, the accident, overflow parking, flight delays I was spent. I dragged my luggage back to my car got in and got lost again turning onto the wrong street as I was leaving the airport. That added to my whole day. I finally lost all senses when I was leaving my brother’s house that night. I mean I was sobbing my eyes out.

I’ve spent everyday up to Christmas in my apartment sleeping, resting and just trying to get better. I went to the doctor yesterday and now I’m just hoping the meds he prescribed are going to get me better so I can get back to a normal life. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Okay enough whining about me. I’ll be back to my usual self hopefully soon.


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