Back in the spring I went to the Scarborough Rennaissance Faire here in Texas and at the apothecary booth I purchased a dram of an essential oil inspired by my hometown: New Orleans. It was called something like New Orleans Magick, or the like and honestly from the first sniff I was brought back to those first nights in the Quarter. Now don’t get me wrong those were so long ago I can’t even remember what I did or who I went with, not because I was drunk, but for some unknown reason I’m suffering from senility at a very early age. Anyway, I’d been back home twice before, home as in New Orleans home, at Christmas and I never drove around the city to see everything, that came on my trip in May for Em’s graduation. Truly it probably looked better than it had in the early days after the storm. To this day I cannot read a story or listen to anything concerning the city’s past year without tearing up.

This weekend was especially important in the life of about 60+ New Orleanians. I use the term to encompass all those who attended our 10 Year High School Reunion. The first night we descended upon a brew pub by Harrah’s, kind of a meet ‘n’ greet to get all the awkwardness out seeing people we hadn’t seen in a decade, or at least 5 years since our 5th Year Reunion. For some reason we all just can’t stay away from each other. It was quite strange to see the faces I hadn’t seen in 10 years. Some slightly different, the rest looked exactly the same, only for the better. Now I have to apologize to everyone here for I talked to quite a few of my former classmates and I fear I can’t remember 3/4 of what they told me they were doing now and where they were living. Now that I think about it, they probably don’t remember what I told them either.

I became consumed with trying to get everyone’s picture just to document as much as I could. It was comforting and odd all at the same time that “kids” I never spoke to back then welcomed the opportunity to pose for a pic. Kind of reminded me of the pics sororities do at all their parties. Just groups shots of 3-8 people in each one, you know small groups. Unfortunately after I came home and uploaded all the pictures to the computer I realized that I was only in about 5 of the pictures at all. Typical though, I’m hardly ever in my pictures. Afterward alot of us wound ourselves uptown to Tipitina’s for some after meet ‘n’ greet music and dancing, once the feet started singing Shannon and I headed back to our relatives’ houses to rest up for Saturday.

The next day we all headed to Franklin for the “picnic,” I use the term loosely only because we were inside the cafeteria. I must say it was kind of strange, that cafeteria sure looked a lot smaller than it did during our years there. Shannon and I took a memory tour around the school. We walked through the hallways, found our favorite classrooms, ie favorite teachers’ rooms, lockers and our lunch spot on the 2nd floor. We even made it out to the football field where the current team was playing their homecoming game and eventually won later after we had gone.

That night we found ourselves near Harrah’s again at a café with an upstairs party room. The music was great, the food was good and we all had a blast. It was like all those old dances, all of us dressed up and polished. That night there were some newer faces in addition to the familiar ones from the previous evening and picnic. You all know what that means right….yep….more pictures! I got a few more in for a grand total of about 75 pictures from the weekend.

In all it was a wonderful weekend. It was great to see everyone and see what everyone’s doing now. Lot of attorneys in our class, hmmm, maybe I should’ve chosen another career path. Anywho, we all had fun catching up with each other and I know Shannon is looking forward to the 15th and the 20th, hehe.


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