For Those Born In The Late 70’s & Early 80’s


While I was perusing through the mall today I found out something quite extraordinary, for me anyways. I thought for the longest that I’d have to wait until next year or even until 2008 for the release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid on DVD. A side trip into Suncoast, which is never a good idea, revealed that in fact Disney is releasing it’s beloved late 80’s/Early 90’s Classic in a 2-Disc DVD Special Platinum Edition on October 3, 2006, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naturally I pre-ordered it. Now I’m just patiently waiting until that day, sigh………….Now off to watch all my Disney movies.

DVD Release: October 3, 2006
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  1. Hey Darnee! It’s Michelle Thompson, Chad’s wife. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. We’re all doing well. Christian will be three in July, can you believe it. It sounds like you are doing well too. I enjoyed seeing some of the pictures you’ve posted. I was wondering if you have any info on Shannon. I tried sending her a couple of emails and I left her a message on her phone a while back ago, but no response. I was just wondering if her family all made it out of the city before Katrina last year. Let me know if you have any info on this. Also, Chad informed me that ya’lls reunion should be in September sometime. Hope to see ya’ll there! Take care,Michelle

  2. Heya Michelle! this is Shannon. Yes, i’m alive and so is my family. Thank you for asking! Sorry about not replying to any e-mails you may have sent. I am really bad with that. I don’t think I ever got a phone message from you though, but i have had a new number for a few months now so maybe that’s why. Anyways, Hope you are well and darnee and i will definitely be at the reunion!

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