My Reality TV Obession


I truly believe it has gotten out of control. I never used to be like this. Back in the day it was The Real World and Road Rules, then the hybrid Challenges, which I loved when I recognized more than 20% of the combined casts. I only recongize maybe 15% in the recent incarnation.

My heart stood still tonight as I watched my favorite Idol, Elliott Yamin, hit the bottom 2, when he had been safe the past few weeks. Literally I couldn’t force myself to look at the tv screen, I just listend to Ryan tell him he was safe. I was having a mild heart attack at that point.

I had hoped for a different outcome tonight but was okay because Elliott made it through. So the theme next week is Elvis songs. I’m am very curious to see what Taylor and Elliott are going to sing. Taylor will no doubt pick some fun songs and funk them out. Chris will inevitably rcok out to some of Elvis’ songbook, Kat will find a power ballad and go Mariah on us again, like she predictalby does every week, or tries to do anyways.

Elliott hopefully will bring it next week so he can make Final 3. I have this strong hankering to see what the judges will pick for him to sing in Final 3. And knowing Elliott’s immense range, it will be something spectacular when he makes it that far.

Then it was onto Top Chef, where the second most cocky/arrogant contestant made it into the final three. I swear the people who do this and Project Runway, btw, same producers, do this to make me hate them. Seriously, Tiffani! And not Leanne! Whatever.

Then I missed the first part of Amazing Race tonight, not completely my fault because I had decided to bathe before AI & TC. Finally I’ve gotten to take a bath since up until yesterday my tub was draining faster than the water could make bubbles. It was sooooooooo nice to soak in hot chocolate scented bubbles, Yeah!

On a side note: Hope everyone likes the Ren Fest pics. I had so much fun. After telling two friends they both want to go now, so it looks like I may be making another trip back in time, hehe. Maybe this time I’ll dress more appropriately, long peasant skirt, boobs up to the skies and such. Cna’t you just picture it.


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