Are You Going To……..


Scarborough Fair? Because I did! I had my parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme with me too. šŸ˜‰

I had been waiting for this for the past two months when I found out about the “Faire.” I’ve always had a thing for anachronistic, particularly British mideval, renaissance times. Ladies and gents this festival did not dissappoint. I was only sorry that I didn’t have on my long peasant skirt.

I laughed until we left. We took a picture with a very burly man who looked quite frightening near the front entrance. As my older neice and I were wandering off a bit to site see a very handsome gent came and knelt before and kissed the back of each of our hands, sigh…..if only the men nowadays were so chivalrous. He invited us to the Maypole dance and I said I’d have to check with my niece’s father, my brother, whom you should all know isn’t too crazy about strange men oogling his daughter.

So after the oogling of the quite fetching man ceased we watched as a friend’s child participated in a dueling demonstration. The less than favorable Italian challenger happened to approach me and wrap my arms around his waist so that the British hero wouldn’t kill him. My brother got a picture of that I’ll make sure to post it as soon as I get it, must pay attention to the look on my face though, quite amusing.

We continued on our meandering and saw King Henry VIII comfort a small kiddo who took a fall in the middle of the road, very sweet, everyone now, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. We stopped by the flutemaker, my niece is a flute player and we all took a moment to enjoy the talent of the salesman, quite beautiful strains I must say.

Then I saw a henna booth and my youngest niece and her friend each partook of the ladies’ talents. I have a very nice tattoo to show off, will post the before, while the paste was still on, now as it’s in it’s orange phase and then once it has darkened I’ll post a photo of that as well.

This was all within the first hour we were there. We conitued on our journey through time and watched the Grand Parade, have pics of that too, (will upload soon). The whole family ate off of one turkey leg, it was huge. Italian icees were shared by all, and I don’t think I’ve ever drank more in one day than anyone. Our group spilt into two and my nieces and I wandered around looking at belly dancing outfits, magic stones, a harpist, some magic potions, leather and stone roses, and partook of the misting bridge a few times. A misting bridge for those who don’t know is a bridge with misting sprinklers above to help cool off the general public, ingenious invention I might add.

Some the kids decided to ride elephants and then we made our way to the mythical monster museum where we learned of monster hunters and the creatures they hunted. We were duly given a fright by a dripping doorway and a happy troll who scared the bejesus out of by rattling a metal trunk on our way outside. Quite fun. Next we found watched a juggling show and a turtle race, man can turtles walk fast, never saw anything like it. My brother served as a turtle wrangler but thankfully his services were never needed during the race. Though I have to say I never want to see an old man in tights wearing tighty whiteies ever again, not a pleasant sit let me tell you.

In all the wenches, gypsies, pirates, swashbucklers, peasants and the entire cast and crew of the Scarborough Renaisance Faire and Festival made the day quite memorable. I have my poster from this year’s festival and plan to go again next year, luved it, luved it, luved it.

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Pictures to be posted soon


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