Life is Good………


so far.

I’m on the cusp of getting my teaching certification. I’m just waiting to get interviews now, once I get hired I’ll be able to take my final test. As it is I’m enjoying work and subbing isn’t coming to me as easily as I thought it would. It’s so tempting to turn off the phone at night, and not answer it in the morning when you’re all snuggled up under the covers with Zoe curled up behind your knees, sigh.

The one thing is that I get calls for elementary, young, like kindergarten, and considering I’m going for 4th – 8th grade, working with kindergarten may not exactly help me out, but I try and take the ones I feel I can handle. Until I started tutoring I never would have subbed for 1st or 2nd grade. Now I feel like I can do that. My confidence level is definitely higher than it was a few months ago.

As for the love life, I’m seeing what’s out there, nothing to write home about, yet ;). Everyone knows me, I like to stay home and hang out, so not too many opportunities to meet people, but I’m working on it, trust me.

I joined the Killeen Civic Art Guild, don’t know if I mentioned that before or not. I joined as an art appreciator, seeing as I’m not much of an artist in certain aspects. True I like to do crafty things, I have paints, canvas, a glue gun, and my grandmother, if she was lucid, as opposed to having Alzheimer’s, would tell you that my photo cork board I made her is gorgeous. Not really, very youngish looking for a 27 yr old’s effort, but hey I got pictures up there of the entire family.

Been watching a lot of reality tv lately. Mainly American Idol, of course, and I’ve just gotten into, Top Chef, The Amazing Race 9 & The Next Food Network Star.

American Idol
Okay, I didn’t even want to start watching this, but Shannon talked me into it right around the time the semi-finals were beginning. And now I’m an obssessed fan on the E-Train. For those not in the know, that would be an Elliott Yamin Fan, Yaminion, more like it, lol. Yes, yes I know. The last time I was this invested in an Idol season was season one and since then I try to watch the last few weeks, so I won’t totally be in the dark at the watercooler. This week I have reached a new level that I dind’t think I could surpass after last week. My favorite, Elliott, was in the bottom 3 for the second time last week and I voted about 20 some odd text messages for him. So I knew this week would be different and I didn’t know I had the stamina in me, but I sat here for an hour and 45 min and texted. I called too, on and off the entire 2 hours, and when the fingers got arthritic I just dialed in the last 15 minutes. Then I’ve become even more obssesed with reading the fan/show forums for AI, it’s like an addication, I can’t stop it. Yes, I know I’m possessed. Shannon is amazed at this revelation, but like I said it’s her fault. I won’t go inot performance critique, there is so much out there for you all to chew on, so just watch the show and enjoy like I do, well try anyways.

Amazing Race 9
Again another Shannon induced obssession. Only I was into this show when I used to watch with my aunt when I lived in Marksville. I just couldn’t even begin to express my adoration for this show. It’s the most true form of reality television. The contestants are so on-the-go they don’t have time really to think about sabotaging the other teams, unless, you’re names are Rob & Amber, who I actually like, (go ahead Shannon, you can cringe now). I absolutely adore BJ & Taylor (bummed they lost their moola though, hope they pull through, Shannon has assured me many have bounced back from this). And Fran & Barry (luv the fact they won the leg tonight).

Top Chef
Antother Shannon suggestion. Put on by those geniuses over at Project Runway, of course I was going to like this show. Some things about it bug me, but what can you do, unless I produce my own reality competion show I can’t really say anything can I? One of those things I just have to get off my chest though, and they do this with PR too, is when the host is talking it sounds like a voice over not like she’s actually standing there giving directions or commentary, it drives me bananas! So anyways, luv the show, still have quite a few weeks left to go, so, just like all my other shows.

The Next Food Network Star
Hmmmmmmm, I’m torn really, I watched the first season, but between this show and Top Chef, I have to go with TC. And lemme tell you that is hard for me to do because I’m sure all who know me, know I lurve The Food Network, but when it came down to drama, love TC better, now, I’m so sorry Emeril, Paula, Giada, Ina, Marc, Alton, Bobby, Rachal, Michael C., Sandra and all the others.

So between my tv obsessions and work, my planner is pretty full. I’m just biding my time now for my 10 Year High School Reunion Planning to kick in.


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