My Reality TV……Sigh


My friend Shannon in New York and I have gotten into the habit in the last few weeks of watching American Idol and Project Runway while discussing them on the phone. God bless unlimited long distance plans!

I’ll start with Project Runway first. I caught the bug for this show by watching the Season 1 reruns last year. I loved Jay’s collection at the finale, loved the colors and thought “Wow! if only I could afford couture.” I started this season a few episodes off, but thtat’s okay because I saw the best stuff.

Automatically I fell in love with Daniel & Nick’s designs. Santino, thought he was a crazy and self-absorbed maniac, albeit, one who did an amazing Tim Gunn impression. André was hysterical. The girls were okay too. I could tell Chloe was good at what she did. She spent her time well and came up with some pretty pieces. Kara, I love that funky bohemian hippy style, very comfy, so I liked a lot of her stuff too, and a lot of her own outfits.

I loved the episode with the walk-off. Unfortunately that episode was the turning point for Nick, the look on his face when Zumlema took his model, it looked like he just lost his favorite puppy. As you can tell from the previous post I have an affinity for Nick, I definitely thought he should have made the top three.

After watching the reunion show, it was interesting to see how many people wanted to see Santino’s collection, considering what an a** he was all season. And that one woman who obviously had too much to drink at the cocktail party before the show was taped, hello!

The Finale, Part 1: Okay who was that Santino, and where was he during the rest of the show? He was a sweet guy who had kids crawling all over him. He was sensitive and humble, obviously he had watched the show and seen what a jacka** he had been. And after seeing a few pieces in his collection I was actually pulling for him.

Daniel’s collection: I loved that black and white print jacket, that was beautiful. And from the pieces he showed to Tim Gunn, I thought “He is a shoo in.” Knowing the Banana Republic style and such, never gave it a second thought, especially after seeing Chloe’s bits and pieces. what hideous fabric, and no sketches, goodness, how is she going to get everything done in time.

The Finale, Part 2: Santino aplogizing for what he said and such, made him that much more endearing to me. As they began last minute details, getting everything ready, it was pretty clear that Santino and Daniel’s collections were the stand-outs. Chloe’s, just like Santino said, it looked like a big couch coming at you. Then I felt so bad for Daniel when Tim came round and hardly said anything. I know it made him a bit nervous. The fact that he was so used to getting input and raves and then to get the minimum. I felt for him.

No doubt Chloe’s collection was more finished and tailored, sewn well, but hello, can you say “Thank you for the Country Music Award,” hell, even some country stars wouldn’t buy the things she had come down that runway. And then poor Santino, like Nina said she was afraid that they beat the boldness out of him and that’s why his collection was lackluster. Daniel so used to getting accolades, and then to be beaten by a woman who already has a business and is designing for Texas oil tycoons’ wives with big hair and blue eyeshadow.

So what if Daniel was still young and unexperienced, and he may be the next Jay who gave up the prize. But screw that Chloe’s collection looked nothing like what is seen hanging up at Banana Republic! I could see Santino’s stuff there and for sure Daniel’s stuff. It baffles me. I can only send happy thoughts out in the universe that Daniel & Santino are successes, while Chloe is still designing for big haired ladies.

As for American Idol, I think I will hold off on my comments until next week after the Final 12 perform and after the results show, keep an eye out next Wednesday.


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