Whew! Time To Catch Up


I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks. First off for those who don’t know, I passed my content test I took in early October. Yea Me! So now I just need to finish my modules and then I’ll be able to take my next test. Keep your fingers crossed for that one.

Secondly, I got a part time job as a reading tutor. It’s something a bit more regular than substituting. I still sub on the days I do not tutor, so we’re seeing how that goes. My thinking right now is that I’ll stick with the tutoring for as long as it goes this school year, get some experience working with kids and teaching reading, which wasn’t exactly my strong point when I first devled into the teaching thing. I’ve been told that it’s difficult to start a teaching job in the middle of the school year & besides the district isn’t really sure what positions they will have available until the springtime anyway. Again, keep your fingers crossed.

Thirdly I’ve been doing some cooking lately. I’ve made some new friends and the women in this group have a regular night a week where they rotate between houses and each girl cooks dinner the night it’s at her house. My first time cooking I made “Angel’s Crawfish Pasta (or Pie).” I’m calling it that because it’s my cousin Angel’s recipe that we’ve all taken and kind of made a family thing, I think we all tweak it a bit though, depends on whose house you’re at. For sides I had ceasar salad and “Brenda’s Green Bean & Artichoke Dressing,” my sister’s recipe. Everyone raved about it, so that made me happy. Dessert was “Caramel Apple Muffins,” a recipe that I found in a Fall/Halloween cookbook that you pick up in the checkout line at the gorcery store.

So for this week’s dinner I began by looking through some of my cookbooks to see what I could muster up the strength to make. I decided on red beans & rice, more specifically “Mom’s Red Beans & Rice.” Again got good reviews on this dish. Some deliciouses, were thrown out and and yums. I made cornbread muffins, but they didn’t turn out like I remember, so I’ll need to work on that a bit, hmmmmmmmmm. Dessert was Ghiradelli brownies, yummy, yum, yum, yum! Can’t beat chocolate. I’ll let you know how the family likes the beans, that’s the real test.

Been watching a few shows lately, I’ll update everyone on my thoughts in the near future. Until then. ;-*


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