Going Home


Not for good, but I went home this past weekend. It was mainly to help out my previous employer and the new hire during their annual fundraiser. It was her first time out and a guided hand is always necessary, I know it helped me tremendously.

I was bummed I thought I was going to see my sister, but she and her husband went home to contend with repairing their house in Metairie, suburb of New Orleans. However, my neice decided to stay for the rest of the weekend so we could visit. I hadn’t seen either of them in ages. But my sister says that she is just going to have to fly out here and spend a weekend.

Zoe enjoyed being back in Marksville, for the duration, she got loads of attention from Cousin Emily, Paw Paw Rudy and Maw Maw Becky. She also really enjoyed her booster seat I got her, might want to go check out what Zoe had to say about this weekend over at Dogster. Oh, and it looks like her animated pic is no longer up at the site that was hosting it, but for those who haven’t seen it, it’s still posted in her photo album and on the frontpage of her Dogster page.

Funny how things happen. I had this major crush on one of our vendors, not naming names, but to assure you all he was single, Marksville didn’t have that much of an affect on me! Anywho we had great conversation at one point this weekend, invited us to dinner, but unfortunately things just didn’t work out, bummer. Though, it just goes to show, it was never meant to work out. Man, you think he would have gotten the hint like two years ago when I was drooling over him, but I guess that would have been very unprofessional.

Course that didn’t stop me from flirting unabashedly with this guy I went out with on a job looksee, to see if I liked the type of work they did, selling coupon booklets from door to door, whatever! He was a cutie, but my niece will tell you that all night I kept saying “This is sooooooo unprofessional!” But since I didn’t want the job, no biggie, though bas**** never called me!

So anyway, I had today off so I ran a few errands, had lunch with my brother and then decided I deserved a pool break. My new apartment complex has a pool and I’ve never tested the waters. I saw like maybe 5 laps and then laid back on a lounge chair and snoozed for about an hour, it was soooooooooo nice.

Oh, update on Rockstar: INXS. Last night was the finale. As I predicted the contest came down to Marty & JD. I was pulling for Marty, but deep down something was telling me that JD just might win it. When he sang You Can’t Always Get What You Want the twinkle in his eye, was twinkling a bit brighter it seemed. Then when they both sang with INXS as the final determining factor. Marty sang Don’t Change, which was great and JD sang What You Need, that was it. You could see it on the band’s faces during the performance even. Though INXS siad Marty was a great performer and he had grown so much through the course of the show they asked him if he’d consider opening for them on their world tour, still a pretty decent gig. I am still planning on downloading all of Marty’s performances from the show’s website, proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Katrina Relief Fund.

So now I am awaiting or needing to catch up on my fall show obsessions, Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Survivor, CSI: Las Vegas, McLeod’s Daughters, and there’s probably more, but I can’t think of them all now.

To good television! –clink–


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