Rockstar: INXS Update


Okay, I know my tastes in tv vary from that of my friends and family who read this so I figured I’d give everyone a little catch up as to what happened on Rockstar last night.

I was ll ready to see my favorite Marty make it to the top three, which he did, Brooke Burke again drug out the announcement of the final bottom three, she was killing me. Poor Marty thought for sure he was gonna be in the bottom three since Mig had never been in the bottom three the entire show, with the exception of last night of course, sigh…….I almost went bald waiting for that news.

Anywho, the fact Marty didn’t make it into the final bottom three ensured him a spot in the final three, one step closer to being the new front man for INXS. So that left Suzie, JD & Mig to vie for the final two spots. After the recent episodes it seemed to me that JD was a shoo in, his performances have been dead on and is scarily similar to the lost INXS frontman, not to say he can be replaced, but he recalls the same vibe I think anyway. ANd INXS even mentioned the one similarity of both being from broken homes. Not to mention that JD’s original song Pretty Vegas sounds like it came right off of an INXs album.

Suzie has just been awesome, putting in great sets and wooing Dave Navarro and all the INXS bandmates. Her rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was of “epic proportions.” And the fact that a woman made it this far was incredible. Mig’s performances in my opinion have been noticably lackluster, nothing at all like what I thought INXS was looking for in the end. They even said that it was going to take a long time to get him out of that musical theater mode and into “rockstar” mode. Even after an okay performance of What You Need I thought he was a goner.

Well, I was put in my place last night. Suzie was let go and Mig wound up in the final three. For me the competition is between Marty and JD, both give engaging performances and can manipulate the crowd like no other contestants have be able to do so far. So by this time next week, INXS will have a new face among the line-up.

If you like INXS and their music, I urge you to watch this Sunday on VH1 and then Tuesday on CBS to be apart of thier new beginnings.


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