Hurricane Katrina


It’s kind of a bittersweet day today. I’m happy that most of my family, the ones still living in and around the New Orleans area, most of them got out of harm’s way. I’m missing the hurricane party back in Marksville too. However, it is unfortunate for those who were unable to get out of those areas hardest hit by Hurrican Katrina. What B**** she was huh?

So far I’ve been in contact with everyone who evacuated, though it sucks because all the cell phone systems from the New Orleans area are clogged from so much traffic. Right now I’m just trying to get in touch with a friend whom I’m sure evacuated, just can’t get in touch yet. Oh wait just got through to the voice mail, Yeah!

Even though I have work to do, it’s still not enough of a distraction from the hurrican coverage on The Weather Channel or CNN. I’m watching Louisiana Governor Blanco and our Senators Landrieu & Vitter and they are discussing what’s going on in New Orleans. Because of the levee breech this morning the situation has gotten much worse and they are working on a plan to evacuate everyone in rescue shelters, but first they are trying to get those with emergency medical needs out.

So everyone who passes by here or any of the news stations covering Hurricane Katrina’s Aftermath, please keep those who are surviving in your thoughts and prayers, ok?

And here are a few places where you can go to help out, whether it’s monetary or time donations:

American Red Cross:
Largest mobilization in their history, bigger than all four assignments in Florida last year during hurricane season. Gov. Blanco and Sen. Landrieu said they are going to be crucial in assisting survivors.

Salvation Army:
Another organization that is helping out victims and survivors.

American Second Harvest: Survivors and victims will need rations in temporary, meaning weeks, even month-long shelters.

The Humane Society
I’ve made my donation already, have you? I’m not even going to repeat what I heard on CNN earlier, but it was enough to break my heart when I heard about some peoples’ pets that were left behind, many if they survived will need to be rescued and adopted.

North Shore Animal League America: ANother organization helping out our furry friends.

Here’s to some upbeat and happy news soon.


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