It’s Official!


Alright, I now have been a Texan for two weeks! My apologies for being gone so long, darn cable modem, though I must say this sucker is pretty fast. Just took me a bit longer to get set up. I just wish I could’ve brought my parents with me so they could help me unpack, hehe. I hate packing, I hate unpacking. It’s coming along, surely but slowly.

Then wouldn’t you know it, I caught a cold this week. still battling it by the way. It’s bummer cuz my niece’s 16th Birthday party is tonight and I’m missing it cuz I’m sick. I went and did dinner, cake & presents, but just that wore me out. So I came home, felt I needed to update everyone on the move and job, etc. I’ve already had three sub jobs and enjoyed them all, some more than others, but it’s only been three, so I’m sure it’ll get better.

Zoe, however, is another story. She was a little tense right after the move, and we all know she doesn’t like a lot of people, it makes her nervous. Well my sister-in-law couldn’t take the barking anymore, it was a lot I’ll admit. So I took her to the vet and they prescribed her some anti-anxiety meds, nothing too strong, just something to aid in behavior re-training. I’m sure Zoe will have something to say about that in her diary, so go check it out.

Other than that things have been going okay, nothing too exciting. I have dinner every night for the most part at my brother’s house. Nice to have a good, hot meal once a day. Anyway I need to get some rest. I’ll be back later this week.

Luv y’all!


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