Near The End


Can I say that I love my parents?! I am notriously famous for procrastinating doing laundry and picking up after myself. Yes I know it’s very sad. My laundry piles have rivaled Mt. Everest on bad days.

Well, my mother and father, now here in Marksville for good, they are just waiting for me to move so they can move into my apartment. Mom has taken on the task of washing my clothes for me and packing them in hampers, suitcases or any other receptacle she can find in the abyss of an apartment I keep.

Dad, former National Guardsman and supply man, has packed pretty much my entire apartment away in boxes and garbage bags. He was able to pack my dvds, well most of them anyway, level in one big box, not one dvd sticking up awkwardly, I was very impressed.

Today was my last day here in Marksville at work. My boss arranged a luncheon with some of my family and friends. All I can remember through all the crying, darn sister and her sentimental speeches, there was a buffet, cake and presents involved, hehe.

Anywho, tomorrow I take care of last minute important things, oh like packing and finding health insurance. I’m just ready to get over there get settled in my apartment and start working.

I’m also looking forward to coming back for my last golf tournament. My “former” office has a golf tournament every year in September and the new girl will definitely need some help this being her first year. I’m alos wanting to say goodbye to all the professional & political contacts I’ve made during my three+ years with the tribe.

The BIG MOVE happens Saturday. And I’m anticipating a few days before I’m up online again and things are working smoothly, we all know how that can be I’m sure. setting up and making sure the emails are being received, etc….and that I have cab;e, very important, very, very, important. So I thought the earlier posts were my last, but looks like this one is. So until next time, luv everyone, I’ll be back.


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