When is Darnée Becoming a Texan?


I went to Texas this week and did orientation for substitute teaching, which I will begin after labor day. And I also did a few things on my new apartment. My nieces are very excited that I’ll be moving close by.

Sunday I took my nieces around town, we just went to Target, I needed to get new bathroom stuff since I’m bequeathing my current shower set to my other niece, which is cool, less stuff to move, hehe. Anywho after Target we went to Starbucks, and can I just say that I am so excited by the fact that a Starbucks is like less than a mile away from my new home, sigh………Well we spent two hours at Target and another two hours at Starbucks just hanging out. It was that day my brother realized where his daughters would be spending a lot of their free time in the near future.

Monday was all business: orientation, it went great, and apartment stuff. Okay I know not a lot of people don’t believe in this, but Mercury is in retrograde right now and my horoscope said not to sign any contracts, leases, agreements, etc. during the retrograde, but I thought it might not be possible to put it off when I went there this week. Well wouldn’t you know it, I got there and my lease wasn’t ready yet. Someone or something was looking out for me this week on that one.

My last day of work is going to be late September, after our golf tournament. I’ll be there to walk my replacement through the day. I’m setting everything up in Texas the middle & end of August. I am going to try and get my new cell number, yes it’s going to be a Texas number, once I get it I’ll get it to everyone. My email will stay the same unless something, god/goddess forbid, happens, aol will stay up and running.

It’s late and I need to get to bed. ‘Til next time.


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