Minor Session of Freakin’ Out!!!!!!


Okie Dokie. My brother just called. The one in Texas who I’m moving near to. Well he called and told me I needed some ID information for an orientation a week from Monday. The forms of ID that are needed are my driver’s license, social security card, or birth certificate. Driver’s License, okay, no problem, social security card, in my wallet, Birth Certificate, in my trusty photo box. Went to the wallet, there was the license. This is where the minor freak out began, no social security card, okay, I’ll still have my birth certificate. Went through trusy old photo box, NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!!

To order an emergency birth certificate, which take 5-7 business days, I need proof of the emergency. K, I went to the post office to see if my letter with orientation information arrived, not yet! Oh My God! I’m never going to get this in time, but I ordered it anyway. Then I had an epiphany. I called my parents to ask if they could go to City Hall this week, get a copy of my birth certificate and overnight it to me in case I wind up having to go to Texas next weekend. Birth certificate: DONE! Social Security Card: minor issue. It’s something that is needed at all times, and one should carry it in their wallet all the time. So needless to say I’m taking a trip to the Social Security office in Alexandria on Monday to get a replacement. Social security card: DONE!

This weekend started off so well too. I woke up today, had Corn Pops, the best cereal in the world! I finished Maw Maw’s photo cork board. I painted cork board in bright colors, cut them into pieces, and mounted them onto a foam board, decorated with foam flowers, glitter glue pens, gift package ribbons, scrapbooking letters, and a faux flower. It came out quite cutsey if I say so myself.

I almost had a date tonight too, but he flaked out. I’m to say the least a little bit bummed right now, especially after getting over the freakin’ out part.

For the good news, the apartment came through, I can sign all the papers when/if I go to Texas next weekend. Just need to pray to Mercury that things don’t go too crazy since I’m signing the lease during his retrograde. The apartment’s right in the middle of the complex, close to the pool: mental note to work out more. I hope Zoe is excited, I think she’ll be okay as long as I get her into the social interaction mode she’s not famous for. Since the apartment complex is close to Pet Smart, I’ll definitely bring her there for outings and find a good park where we can play fetch and maybe once I trust her a bit more not to run off, let her run free around a fenced park, hehe.

I’m working through the certification modules for teaching. It took me a while to get through the first because I traveled sooooooooooo much the end of May and all through June. But I made it through the first one, got 100 on both my assignments, I was nervous there for a second, becasue as with any assignment I was making note of a few grammar errors I thought I had, spellings, maybe I used the wrong format, I was a nervous wreck. I made it through though, Yeah! I’m on the second module now, lots of reading in this one and an online assignment.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in “school.” Slight adjustment. I must say though, knowing now what I didn’t know back when I was in school, is making all the difference. I still procrastinate, but other than that I’m progressing much better in the general working manner, minus taking more time than I should. I’m trying to get at least three more modules done before I leave.

Wish me luck!


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