I’m Baaaaaaack!


Okay, so it’s been crazy hectic these past couple of weeks.

I’ve had to contend with the following: Making sure I have an apartment in Texas, making sure I have a job, packing up here, tying up all my loose ends here in Marksville: apartment, work, finding a replacement for my position now, doing my usual books reviews and edits over at Coffee Time, just life stuff in general. Well as of this week, I am no longer doing book reviews, taking a leave of absence. I may go back to it, may not, I’ll decide once I get settled in Texas and see if my new jobs will allow it.

Other than that work was/is kind of crazy with the traveling and coordinating of the golf tournament. My boss and I went to Connecticut to do some networking for the tournament. Well actually, I went to the conference to sit in for my sister who serves as secretary of one of their committees. We arrived on Sunday and had to drive about an hour from Hartford to Ledyard, CT to Foxwoods Casino Resort. Very big casino & hotels. We stayed at the Inn on the property cuz the hotels were booked solid. Nice rooms, but wound up not spending a lot of time at Foxwoods in the evenings. I hung out at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT, about 15-20 minutes away where my sister was for another conference. Quick word, the men at her conference were way cuter than the ones at mine, hehe.

I went to dinner with my sister and two attorneys and loved the place so much I kept going back each afternoon while we were there. First night’s dinner was at their Italian place, Tuscany, yummy. Second & third night was at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, very yummy. The company on the second night was very nice too, more attorneys, one around my age and very cute. I know, but it was the hormones. Third afternoon I was emailing a friend of mine, who recently moved to New York, while I was in my sister’s room and when I told her I was in CT, she called me immediately and chastised me for not telling her sooner that I was in the vicinity. Well it worked out that she was able to drive up and we got to hang out a little bit. It was great since I hadn’t been able to tell her bye before she left.

It was a great trip! Though coming back it took me a few days to get back into the swing of things especially with this week being a holiday week and us having Monday off, kind of threw my entire schedule for a loop there. I’m just getting readjusted if you can believe that.

Well, I’m getting tired. But I’ll be back this weekend, got a few things on my mind lately that I need to get off my chest, so stay tuned.


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