A Little Entertainment


Yes, I’m a lover of most films, key word there “most,” not “all.” Sometimes a movie you’re anticipating disappoints, I figured this out when I read a book before the movie came out, something I try not to do anymore. And then there are the ones you think you’ll hate and wind up loving. This happened a lot as I grew up when movies I despised as a kid, I can appreciate now as an adult, like Eddie & The Cruisers. Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but that movie rocked, I think VH1 even thought so too!

Anyway I try to go to the movies as often as I can, though a bit difficult when the best theater is 30 miles away. But I make due when I go to New Orleans or on any other trips. While I was in Kentucky I saw two films with the family Madagascar & Monster-In-Law.

We chose this one because it happened to start at the time we got to the theater. It turned out to be a nice little surprise. I really enjoyed it. The penguins ruled! My brother John will attest to this fact. Very cute movie I highly recommend for a fun family night or just to have movie where you don’t have to analyze it afterwards.

K, I’m not a big JLo or for that matter a JFo fan, so obviously they were not my reasons for going to see this film. I mean I went to seeI was there solely for Mr. Michael Vartan. Even though he didn’t get as much screen time as the divas in residence, it was worth it to see him sanas shirt running on the beach, sigh……………..The hype during the making of this film kind of intrigued me, but in the end, it really didn’t live up to it. I just can’t imagine Jennifer Lopez a struggling artist marrying into a rich family, it’s just too much of a stretch.

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants
Of the three movies I’m discussing here, this one is my favorite. I’m a sucker for girlfriend movies, the likes of Now & Then, Steel Magnolias, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood (but that’s a whole ‘nother story on that movie). Anyway, I’m a big fan of three of the actresses, Amber Tamblyn (my favorite Emily on General Hospital), America Ferrera (loved her in Real Women Have Curves), and Alexis Bledel (fast talking Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls). It’s a sweet story of how these girls who were close before they were even born became closer and grew up over their first summer apart. I really loved this movie, bring your best friend so you can oogle the eye candy, but also have the tissues handy.

Patrick Dempsey
He just keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. One of my favortie actors during my childhood and teen years, keep your shirt on, I’m not that old, sheesh! Anywho lately he was seen as hunky Dr. Sheppard on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, which I of course have now become a huge fan.

But it was Mr. Dempsey’s roles in films such as Heaven Help Us, Loverboy and Can’t Buy Me Love that made me fall for the tall, slim drink of water, sigh….. Then he showed up in With Honors alongside Brendan Fraser, another favorite, and Scream 3 with that curly tousled ‘do, loved it. When he showed up in Sweet Home Alabama as a distinguished New York politician and a beginning of the century cartoonist sympathizing with suffragists in Iron Jawed Angels, made me love him more.

I know my tastes differ from everyone else’s, but I implore you all to at least check out one of his movies where he’s a lead, not Face the Music either, even though it has Molly Ringwald in it (favorite all time 80’s teen actress) it wasn’t that great, cute, but not great. So I’ll leave with these films and actor to ponder over this weekend, maybe you’ll be inspired to go rent something, or not. I’ll most likely bring an old Dempsey flick with me on my trip so that I can watch it on my new portable DVD player, whoohoo!

‘Til next time. Hugs & Smooches


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