Busy, Busy, Busy……


Someone once told me that people who write in diaries or journals don’t have lives, because they are so worried about writing instead of living. Well, I guess I fall into the living category these past few weeks, because I haven’t had the chance to post anything lately.

So what have I been doing you ask that has kept me away for so long? Most of you all know because I see y’all and talk to y’all often. Now for those who don’t know, I went to my niece’s graduation in Kentucky. She’s so beautiful and smart. You know I live vicariously through all my nieces. This one was a cheerleading captain and she was/still is dating the former football captain, sniffle, sniffle, how 80’s teen movie is that?

Seriously, my sister-in-law should go into the graduation party planning business. This was her second graduation, my nephew graduated two years ago. She starts planning around Christmastime, figures all the events with the graduation itself and then throws in activites during the off hours. One of the favorites that I have yet to participate in is the Spa Day: massages, mani/pedis, facials, etc……I’ll just have to make another trip up there for those, hehe. She doesn’t forget the guys either, she scheduled golfing and other guy friendly activites, taking in a game, if teams are playing. So yeah, I think she’s found her calling in life.

Work has been a bear. We’ve had so much going on with a day at the Capitol and now I’m focused on our annual fundraiser that’s coming up in Sept. It’s a golf tournament that I’ve handled the past 3 yrs and it’s kind of old hat right now, so nothing too difficult, just busy work and getting things done on time so the tournament goes off without a hitch.

Speaking of work, I went to Texas last week to check out the new job situation and living arrangements. I am applying for a substitute teaching position for the time being, until I can get my first teaching job, after I get further along in my certification program. So as far as I know I’ll be moving around the middle of August it seems. Everyone keep your fingers crossed and pray that the pet deposit isn’t going to kill me at the apartment complex I want to move into.

While I was on my adventures I went to see a few movies, Madagascar, Monster-in-Law, The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. And I have few things to say about Mr. Patrick Dempsey too, stay tuned, if you’re interested in that type of thing that is. Don’t want to force you.


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