Exciting News!!!


Okay, I’m about to tell everyone what some of you already know. You know I had to wait until it was all official and stuff, didn’t want to jinx anything. Alright, enough beatin’ around the bush. I was approved to start the Texas Alternative Teacher Certification Program. I paid my start up fees and should be in the middle of module one within the next week or so, YEAH!

Not that I don’t like my job and what I do, but it’s the environment, living in a small town having come from a big city is not gelling well for me. People cringed when I told them I was moving here in the first place. I didn’t think it was going to be this bad, but I’m just not cut out for rural living. My older brother has taken to it like a hunter in a deer stand, literally.

Hunting, fishing, drinking, smoking, gambling, just ain’t my thing. Which is pretty obvious when you read the heading for this here blog. Speaking of blogs, I’m sure my nephew will be happy that I’m moving on with my life. From what I hear he’s depressed for me that I hole up in my apartment here with my dog and my computer. I only hope my life decision will bring him happiness, hehe.

For those of you who question my decision, let me just say the minute I decided to move on from this job to teach, and move out of state I had no regrets or apprehension about my choice. I’ve been all but doing cartwheels since I mailed off that application. Kid you not, was doing the Cabbage Patch Dance in my office when I found out I was approved, not a pretty site, but darn funny looking.

Teaching was always on the agenda. I wanted to work a bit before going to teach, but they were other deciding factors that led me to leave sooner than I had anticipated, but I think it’s all for the best. I’ve heard the horror stories from family and friends who’ve taught and of course my mother is doing her best to discourage me from moving, who knows of a mother who wouldn’t at least try to keep her youngest close by.

I’m young, single, no family, i.e. hubby & kids, to worry about, so I can make a move like this with minimal harm done if it doesn’t work out. True that big step of independence would have been to move to Nashville, but this was a quicker way out of Marksville, seriously. I’m looking forward to a new experience. True I have family where I’m looking to set up in Texas, but at least I won’t be completely alone. I’ll have more at my disposal in the social setting. For those who don’t know, my brother and his wife live near an Army base, sigh……men in uniform…….is that so bad I ask?

Ok, so I’m ready for the barrage of emails and phone calls after this post is read this weekend. I’ll try my best to answer the phone and not screen my calls, hehe.

Big Hugs & Smooches!


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  1. Hi,Your web site/blog came up on a search that I did for “Alternative Teacher Certification in Texas.” You don’t know me. I’m a certified teacher in Maryland, but I’m trying to help my sister research options in Texas. I was wondering if I could trouble you to email me. I was hoping I could ask you a couple of questions about alternative certification in Texas. Thanks so much and sorry to bother you.Hollyholly1004@aol.com

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